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Understanding covered lives
National and regional healthcare is in constant flux. As health plans, national and state healthcare policy and economic realities evolve, understanding payer realities and how they react to these changes becomes crucially important.

For most managed care professionals, questions abound
What are the key health plan dynamics directly impacting my business?

How can claims data inform and enhance my approach with not only payers but PBMs?

Does my pricing strategy align with each target market?

How can I better interpret and leverage covered lives data by PBM and payer to further expand market share?

Lives data is the bedrock for any sound payer strategy

Commercial, Medicare and Medicaid lives are all crucially important to understand and the more accurate the data, the more on target your managed care strategy will be.

Key is identifying the payers and PBMs that offer the greatest return for partnering.

Tested, Trusted, Timely and Thorough

Trusted by government agencies and by the largest health insurers in the U.S. to track their own performance, DRG’s Managed Market Surveyor Suite provides hard, reliable data—not the models offered by other industry platforms.

Have confidence in your account targeting and engagement strategies knowing that you’re leveraging the most accurate enrollment data to size your local markets, pinpoint your most valuable customers, and identify your biggest opportunities.

DRG’s MMS Suite

Get the most accurate and detailed payer, PBM, and employer data– all from the same source.

Data collection methodology built on the legacy of HealthLeaders-InterStudy (HLI)- the industry’s first covered lives provider.

Managed Market Surveyor (MMS) – insured lived by payer, PBM, and geography.
Pharmacy Benefit Evaluator (PBE) – Payer. PBM affiliations and payer pharmacy benefit information
Employer Vantage (EV) – employer lived, locations, and PBM/Payer affiliations

Look More Deeply

  • Identify top PBMs and payers by any category of lives at different geographic levels
  • View PBM/payer enrollment across all payer types, big and small (Commercial Fully Insured, Commercial Self Insured, Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Low Income Subsidy, Medicaid, etc.)
  • Understand PBM affiliations for every payer

    Dive deeper into our payer pharmacy benefit data set

    • Formulary structure, benefit design, and specialty co-insurance by payer type
    • Prescriptions by delivery channel, and by drug category
  • Compare which entities manage formularies in a specific geography and for how many lives

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Our Analysts Go Another Step Further with Quick Hitting, Actionable Insights

Beyond Managed Market Surveyor, our analysts dig into the data within MMS and other DRG datasets to bring you curated insights based on geography, health plan, and more.

Super charge your market access strategy and planning

Leverage current and high-level view of all institutional pharma customers in 87 of the largest local managed markets

Explore Market Overviews

Gain comprehensive insight on the motivating forces surrounding 400 top US health plans

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