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Emotional JourneyTM
Develop impactful engagement strategies by uncovering patients’ true emotions and motivations.
Understanding the patient journey is essential for life sciences brands
Today, biopharma brands are making use of powerful data tools to gauge the patient experience, piecing together the treatment journey using claims and EHR data, coupled with primary market research. These datasets yield valuable insight into treatment pathway, therapy line dynamics, and how patients interact with healthcare systems. But they’re still missing an important component: how patients are feeling and what they’re thinking as they make their way from symptoms, to diagnosis, to treatment and beyond.
14-Point Emotional Scale
Understand how patients’ attitudes, perceptions, motivations and emotions drive key therapeutic decisions
DRG’s methodology utilizes a proprietary framework that taps into vast stores of public, anonymized patient discussion data, overlaid with a 14-point emotional scale and mapped to the patient journey. You can see which emotions dominate each stage, and matched against other real world data sets, pinpoint connections with behaviors such as adoption, adherence, discontinuation and switching.
Learn How Emotional JourneyTM Mapping Can Enhance Your Brand’s Customer Engagement Strategy
Provide patients and physicians the guidance, support and interventions they need to navigate care in a complex healthcare ecosystem
  • Shape more effective outreach and engagement strategies by uncovering your patients’ true emotions and motivations
  • Identify patient-centric ways to support your audience along their disease journey by addressing the “why” behind their actions
  • Evolve messaging and content from product-first to customer-focused, resonating with audiences on a deeper level
  • Arm sales reps with patient insights that they can share with their doctors and add value to details
Emotional Scale mapped to the Patient Journey
Learn How Emotional JourneyTM Mapping Can Enhance Your Brand’s Customer Engagement Strategy