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Emotional JourneyTM

Develop impactful engagement strategies by uncovering patients’ true emotions and motivations

Increase Your Emotional IQ and Activate Patients along their Journey


Patient emotions drive health behavior and influence treatment decisions.

Decision Resources Group strengthens your patient journey mapping by integrating emotional intelligence via social analytics.


How can adding emotional intelligence to your patient journey mapping help your team?


  • Modernize your planning and become more relevant by uncovering your patients’ true emotions and motivations
  • Identify patient-centric ways to support your audience along their disease journey by addressing the “why” behind their actions
  • Get insights more quickly with a real-time, unbiased database of millions of patient opinions
  • Evolve messaging and content from product-first to customer-focused, resonating with audiences on a deeper level
  • Arm sales reps with patient insights that they can share with their doctors and add value to details
  • Strengthen partnerships with payers and organizational customers by providing them with patient insights and resources that support a shared goal of patient-centricity



DRG experts analyze “voice of the patient” social and digital data sources, in the context of both the clinical and Emotional JourneyTM, to provide your team with actionable insights and planning support:



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