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Welcome to RxConstruct!
Pharmacy Benefit Plans Made Easy

Setting Up New Pharmacy Benefit Plans and Managing Changes Has Never Been Easier
RxConstruct is a flexible, benefit design solution designed to build, manage, and communicate pharmacy benefit plan information in a language that downstream systems can understand.

Flexible Benefit Design
At the core of RxConstruct is a powerful and dynamic data model designed to handle your business needs. Speed up the process of setting up pharmacy benefit plans by copying a similar benefit plan or selecting from a pre-configured template. With RxConstruct, you can create as many pharmacy plan templates as you would like, and reuse them over and over.

Workflow and Change Control
Every pharmacy benefit plan has stakeholders that must be informed of any changes made to the plan design or configuration. Internally, this includes those who are responsible for setting up the pharmacy benefit plan as well as those who approve it. Whether creating a new pharmacy benefit plan or changing an existing one, there is a process that needs to be followed. RxConstruct ensures your process is followed.
Built right into the core of RxConstruct is a flexible workflow and change control engine that tracks the status of every change made to every benefit plan, as well as what changed, who made the change, and when the change was made. With our change control features, you can go back in time and access any plan, at any time, and see exactly how the plan was previously setup.

User-Centric Dashboard
Managing pharmacy benefits is a complex process and often requires many people and departments to be involved. The user-centric dashboard in RxConstruct informs all parties when it’s their turn to get involved. When a user or department is required to participate, a benefit change request is automatically assigned to them and they are notified. Every new benefit plan and change request must go through the complete workflow process prior to going live. If at any point during the workflow process a mistake is found, the plan can be pushed back to any previous step in the process for correction, validation, and approval.
The user-centric dashboard provides users with a quick glance at the work assigned to them, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks. Users can quickly identify high priority tasks to ensure you meet your client promised service level guarantees.

Open Interface
At DRG Payer, we realize most companies use multiple software applications to run their business. We also know from experience most applications were built in a silo, and there are few, if any, integration points. Software integration projects are typically very expensive, time-consuming and often have a very low ROI. This is where RxConstruct shines.
RxConstruct was designed to play nice with other systems no matter what language they are written in or what database they use. RxConstruct can be setup to notify other systems when certain events occur and provide the necessary data. RxConstruct is your source of truth for pharmacy benefit plans.