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Real World Data

Real World Data

A Rich, Ever-Evolving Resource To Know What’s Happening Now

Our healthcare market is continuously changing. Data is multiplying at exponential rates. Every day, thousands of claims are adjusted and thousands of patient health records are updated. We are continuously gathering, cleaning, integrating.

Today, Decision Resources Group’s real-world data tracks more than 300 million longitudinal patient lives in the United States; a claims and electronic health record (EHR) resource built by our deep bench of disease analysts, market specialists, and data scientists who use it to answer the hardest questions that pharmaceutical teams can ask.

Our Dynamic Real-World Data Approach

Patterns emerge with unique combinations of data sources. In combination and in complement, our claims and EHR data gives immediate clarity and insights into what’s happening in your market, right now. It’s also a powerful foundation to weave in additional diverse forms of data.

What real-world data are you missing? Get in touch to discuss your data needs.

As the leading impartial source covering both government and commercial insurance plans, our data granularity is second to none. Covering nearly 100 percent of health plans, we deliver swift insight into claims, including:

  • Geographic locations
  • Specific providers
  • Benefit plans
  • Specialty pharmacies
  • Specific facilities

Robust reimbursement and claims adjudication data in combination with provider- and patient-centric data points help you better understand payer dynamics. Our real world data – offering insights on regional payer dynamics, patients’ out-of-pocket costs, access barriers, and more – enabling you to create informed pricing strategies, develop successful payer negotiation approaches, and measure market performance against forecasts.


With industry-leading coverage of healthcare professionals and institutions, our data offers comprehensive insight into providers and provider dynamics. We deliver complete analysis of healthcare system dynamics at all levels, including individual, facility, or organization.

DRG’s real world data provides transparency by treatment setting and unmatched details on the activities, behaviors, influences, and decisions of physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and registered nurses, helping you create precise targeting strategies and better allocate sales, marketing, and account resources.

With robust longitudinal coverage, our data lets you follow the patient journey like never before. With targeted acuity and unparalleled granularity, our patient data covers:

  • Patient demographics
  • Procedure orders and lab test results
  • Geographic location of care with zip-3 precision
  • Doctor/hospital visits and frequency
  • Diagnoses and comorbidities
  • Segmented treatment cascades
  • Out-of-pocket-costs along the care continuum

DRG’s pioneering patient journey methodology provides comprehensive and nuanced intelligence across the various disease stages and perspectives of all concerned stakeholders. The more you understand the complex elements of the patient journey the better you can identify intervention points, improving your patient-centric engagement strategies and boosting your market position.

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