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Patient Journey Engagement and Activation Playbook

Research and expertise to make your planning decisions smarter, easier and faster

  • Up-level strategic planning with patient and caregiver behavior data
  • Understand needs, influences and engagement points along the patient journey
  • Focus time and budget on tactics supported by data
  • Ensure brand strategy and planning decisions are based on validated usage/intent data from your specific audience

Key questions addressed in each playbook:

  • Digital info seeking along the patient journey: What types of info sources, content and media are consumers using along different stages of the patient journey? What impacts Rx requests?
  • Promotional tactics across the journey: Which digital tactics and DTC advertising are patients receptive to and drive behavior? What are best practices for integrating TV and digital campaigns?
  • Point-of-care: How do consumers choose their healthcare providers and how are they using digital to communicate with them? What support and info do patients want at the point of care? What impact does tracking and health data sharing have on care management?
  • Treatment selection and adherence: How are patients influencing prescribing decisions? What info are patients looking up after they receive a script – and how does this impact their decision to fill? What can you do to increase adherence?
  • Condition management and patient support: What are the most pressing healthcare challenges for patients and at what points of the patient journey is pharma support most needed?