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Understand the key players, identify growth opportunities, and create outcomes-based evidence you need to harness the full value of your device/technology

The shift towards value-based care in the US means there is more pressure than ever on your access, HEOR, and reimbursement teams to accurately showcase the value of your product. Create and deliver a compelling story in order to optimize access for your device portfolio with DRG’s custom and off-the-shelf Medtech Market Access and Reimbursement Solutions.


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US Market Access Insights

Gain a complete view of the challenges and opportunities from a market access perspective:

  • Identify the key players in healthcare delivery and payment at the national and/or local level
  • Understand the evolution of the market landscape and be ready to respond effectively
  • Ensure accurate and reliable insight into reimbursement structures across facilities and geographies

Value Generation and Communication

Be ready to effectively communicate the value of your device as healthcare trends continue to shift towards full product transparency:

  • Identify and build the economic value proposition that will resonate most strongly in the market
  • Understand the features and values of your product that are driving the greatest acceptance and advocacy
  • Maximize access through innovative pricing and contracting

Health Economics and Outcomes Research

Be on the radar of key decision-makers as you build your access strategies:

  • Accurately highlight the future economic benefit of your device by cost and quality
  • Ensure you are clearly and creatively communicating the value of your device to your stakeholders

Epidemiology Research

Understand the complete disease landscape and size global markets leveraging real-world data

  • Accurately predict which patient populations will benefit most from your product
  • Ensure you understand the changing needs of your target population and can respond with effective solutions
  • Prioritize the most favorable markets for your commercialization strategies


Consulting Service

  • Clinical development strategy
  • Market access landscape
  • Pricing & contract strategy
  • Account engagement strategy
  • Value proposition development
  • Account segmentation

Real-world Data Analytics

  • Market sizing and segmentation
  • Patient Journey / buying process
  • Patient cost burden mapping

Global Access Services

  • Systematic reviews
  • Health economic models
  • Budget impact models
  • HTA submissions
  • Value dossiers
  • Value based message generation & communication
  • Objection handlers

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Market Access


Contracting, Pricing, & Reimbursement

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