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Healthcare consolidation and the rise of non-clinical stakeholder influence is limiting physician autonomy and transforming brand purchasing dynamics.

As such, medtech commercial teams are evolving which stakeholders to focus on and how to best engage them. Companies need a more comprehensive account targeting approach, going beyond just procedural volumes to also include affiliations, true patient reach, influence mapping, referral patterns, and more. They must go further than communicating on just product features, and incorporate data-driven value messages highlighting economic and patient outcomes, tailored to a complex mix of stakeholders across multiple communication channels.

Our data and experts make this commercial evolution easier for you, so you can focus on building better relationships with your stakeholders:

Acquire and manage

the right data for comprehensive targeting

Prioritize and profile

the best-fit accounts and stakeholder mix


field reps with accurate account intel and powerful communications


the right stakeholders with the right message at the right time and place

What our clients say

"DRG's data has affected sales planning and territory alignment meaningfully in the form of better-informed segmentation, targeting, metrics, and territory sizing … our ability to track market share at a granular level is markedly improved. Data was also able to be integrated with other internal data to maximize its impact and reliability."

Vice President, Strategy

Leading Medical Device Company

How we help


Account segmentation and targeting

Set up commercial teams for success with the accounts and stakeholders influencing brand uptake

  • Our advanced methodology identifies and profiles the right mix of accounts and stakeholders in an increasingly complex purchasing landscape
  • Leverages diverse data sets to build on traditional volume-based analyses with true patient reach, influence mapping, affiliations, referral patterns, reimbursement trends, and more
  • Segmentation analysis identifies customer needs, beliefs, behaviors, and value drivers to build personas and inform engagement strategies
  • Our vast hospital data set ensures you have a fresh, comprehensive view of the market:
    • United States: 6,800 hospitals, 2+ million providers, complete hospital claims and ASC data coverage directly from CMS
    • Europe: 12,000 hospitals, 22 countries covered, facility-level data
  • Visibility into 300+ million patients (over 3 years), with the ability to link multiple aspects of the patient care experience

View account segmentation and targeting playbook


Account penetration tracking

Allocate resources towards accounts based on their opportunity potential

  • Integration of your internal data with our landscape analysis to determine account-specific approach:
    • Expand
    • Monitor and maintain
    • Growth
    • Low priority
  • Recommendations on account resourcing and engagement strategy


KOL identification and profiling

Find the influential KOLs that your peers may be missing

  • Multi-pronged approach to identification:
    • Integrated network influence, digital and social influence, and peer-to-peer status
  • Rankings and profiles for top performing KOLs, including by use case (national, rising star, regional, digital)
  • Recommendations that consider KOL type, rank, alignment to client priorities, and affiliations


Tableau and Salesforce custom integration

Ensure your sales teams use targeting intel with solutions that fit into their workflow

  • Targeting data and concise and actionable insights incorporated into your CRM platform
  • Our flexible, custom approach ensures that data aligns to your view of the market and your organizational set up


Sales enablement

Win key accounts with effective communication and negotiation

  • Evidence generation strategy and value proposition development
  • Creation of messaging, content, and tools for account engagement
  • Framework to identify optimal messaging for specific clinical and non-clinical stakeholders
  • Learning team prepares sales reps with the right strategies and skillsets to engage successfully


Multichannel marketing

Enhance customer experience and increase engagement with innovative marketing approaches

  • Provider and patient online and offline channel and content preferences for information, educational and service needs
  • Digital competitive landscape and digital maturity index to benchmark against peers and uncover market white space
  • Content strategy and execution planning
  • KPI planning, benchmarking, and marketing effectiveness

View our multichannel marketing solutions

How can we support your commercial strategy?

Data and services

Our integrated data repository underpins all of our solutions

DRG Integrated Data Repository
  • Linking and integration capabilities for a comprehensive market view
  • Largest volume of patients and hospitals covered in the industry
  • Expansive coverage for geographies and insurance types
  • Fastest, freshest market data available


  • Visibility into 300+ million patients (over 3 years)
  • 2+ million healthcare providers
  • 98% of 750 U.S. payers, real-time insight into market changes
  • Submitted claims (837s) and remittance (835s)
  • Hospitals, physician offices, ASCs, pharmacies long-term care, and nursing

Purchase order data

  • 1,900 hospitals and ASCs
  • 3,000 U.S. manufacturers
  • 2+ million U.S. SKUs
  • SKUs mapped to device categories

Electronic health records

  • Visibility into 100+ million patients (over 3 years)
  • 90 million patients with overlapping EHRs and medical / pharmacy claims
  • Diagnoses, diagnostic tests, assessments, vaccines, vitals, Rx

Encounter level hospital device usage

  • U.S.: 6,800 hospitals, 2+ million providers
  • Complete hospital claims and ASC data coverage directly from CMS
  • Europe: 12,000 hospitals, 22 countries covered, facility-level data
  • Global: Research-driven understanding of volumes and brand usage

Healthcare provider affiliation directory

  • 6.5+ million affiliations
  • Affiliations among 3,200 health systems and 2+ million HCPs

On demand market overview

  • 50 countries
  • 12 therapeutic areas
  • 80 device markets

Full spectrum of commercialization intelligence solutions:

From data and insights to putting strategy in action


Learn more


  • Medical and pharmacy claims
  • Electronic health records
  • Purchase order data
  • Encounter-level hospital device usage data
  • Healthcare provider and affiliations directory
  • Social intelligence
  • Epidemiology

Custom analytics & advisory

Learn more

Custom analytics & advisory

  • Real-world evidence
  • Market research
  • Custom data analysis
  • Advisory and consulting


Learn more

Commercial Training and Tools

  • Sales education
  • Value dossiers and slides
  • Communication tool kits
  • Detail aids
  • Budget impact calculators

Global coverage across 80+ device markets and 50+ countries

Why we're different

Data accuracy and diversity

Our real world data repository features the largest set of hospital data assets on the market, including complete hospital claims and ASC data coverage directly from CMS, to give our clients a comprehensive view of provider, facility and network influences at a national level.

Adrienne Lovink

Partner, Medtech Consulting and Analytics

Decision Resources Group

Commercial expertise

Mapping healthcare data sets and finding the right answers is really hard – you need to have an intimate understanding of the data sets, therapeutic area, market context, and reimbursement dynamics. For example, in logging a procedure like FESS with balloons, physicians may under report balloon codes as they are not reimbursed separately. Not accounting for this could throw off your targeting efforts.

DRG simplifies the targeting process for our clients – we have the right experts to take care of the vetting and analysis, so you can worry less about data headaches and focus more on helping your sales team achieve success.

Ed Park

Commercialization Expert, Medtech

Decision Resources Group

Comprehensive, customized solutions

No matter your point in the commercial evolution journey - whether you are cold-calling to fostering your most important relationships - we have solutions to meet you where you are.

And while other vendors may offer piecemeal fixes, we pride ourselves on providing end-to-end commercial effectiveness solutions, from data acquisition to customer engagement models driven by focused analytics.

Andrew Lee

Vice President, Medtech Solutions

Decision Resources Group



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