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DRG’s MedTech Solutions: Providing expert market research, insights & consulting services

DRG Medtech: Research quickly. Analyze thoroughly. Plan confidently

Formerly known as Millennium Research Group, DRG leverages accurate, reliable data with expert, hands-on analyst support to help you build your business strategies with confidence. Our services empower clients to see the market from all angles, allowing you to position your organization for success in the complex, ever-evolving Medtech industry.


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“I need a complete view of the market and competitive landscape in order to inform business decisions across the product lifecycle.”Explore our Product and Business Management Solutions for:

  • Forecasting, Trends, and Insights
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Brand and Price Tracking
  • Patient Insights

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“I need the most up-to-date information about my customers to ensure I am engaging in the most effective way to guarantee maximum uptake for my device/technology.”Explore our Commercial Solutions for:

  • Commercial Targeting
  • Procedure Tracking
  • Digital Multichannel Strategy
  • Value Generation and Communication

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“I need to create and deliver a compelling Value Based story to optimize access for my device portfolio.”Explore our Market Access, HEOR, and Reimbursement Solutions for:

  • US Market Access Insights
  • Health Economics Outcomes Research
  • Value Generation and Communication
  • Epidemiology

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The Data You Want

  • Procedures by hospital
    • 24 Countries
    • 25,000 hospitals
  • Hospital purchasing databases
    • Pricing share and volume data by device
    • 2,000+ hospitals
    • 2.2M US SKUs
    • >3K US manufacturers
  • Claims and EHR Real World Data
    • +300M claims per year
    • 53M overlapping patient lives in claims and EHR

PLUS brand shares and prices, product pricing analysis, clinical trials and competing treatments, competitive landscape and product launches, device usage metrics, units, average selling price, revenues, market share and size… and more

The Analysis
You Need

  • Global Medtech markets
    • 12 therapeutic areas covered globally
    • >80 device markets
    • 10-year forecasts
  • US Market Access insights
    • >87 hyper-local US markets, demographics, and profiles of the major players, how they interact, how they’ve evolved, and what they value
    • 100 PowerProfiles
    • 200 State and 10 national IDN Analyses
  • PLUS
    • >3,000 Epidemiological patient forecasting segments
    • Bespoke HEOR Services: Systematic reviews, health economic models, HTA submissions, value dossiers, value based message generation

The Expertise
You Can Trust

Know exactly how your competitors are performing, and where your product fits into the landscape:

  • 100+ Subject Matter Experts, all dedicated to covering the Medtech markets you care about
  • 20+ years covering Medtech markets around the world
  • >90 industry article publications

Featured Medtech Solutions

Commercial Targeting

Procedure Finder offers a complete picture of where medical procedures are being performed in the US and Europe.

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With comprehensive coverage spanning more than 50 countries, Medtech 360 provides the kind of medical device market insight that allows you to build your roadmap for the future.

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Medtech Learning

Medtech Learning delivers actionable training solutions that improve business outcomes by helping medical device companies stay on top of the changing needs of their customers and the evolving healthcare environment they’re working in.

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Custom Analytics

With a focus on sales targeting and KOL identification, Medtech’s Custom Analytics experts deliver a competitive edge in your commercialization efforts.

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Our global consultancy agency provides market-leading product and portfolio strategy, health economic outcomes research and evidence generation, value communication, and training services across the Medtech industry.

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Renal Denervation

The story of renal denervation and its spectacular and shocking failure in 2014 is one of the more dramatic narratives in the medical device industry, and one that we at DRG Medtech have been following closely for more than 6 years. Through his ongoing blog series outlined below, Sean Messenger, Senior Manager, Cardiovascular Medtech Insights, takes you through the history of this fascinating market, provides insight on the current state of some promising technologies, and theorizes where the market is heading.

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PriceTrack: The Data You Want

DRG’s PriceTrack has expanded to access over 30% of US acute care hospitals, providing an even larger base upon which we can accurately track purchase trends in the entire market.

Two market areas in particular, Cardiac Rhythm Management and Neurostimulation, have been upgraded to include this expanded data. Download our two Market Snapshots below, then reach out to us to learn more.

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Recent M&A News

The Healthcare industry has seen a number of recent mergers and acquisitions in recent weeks. Many of these have affected the Medtech industry in a variety of market areas, including robotics and aesthetics. Outside of Medtech, we have recently seen the last large stand-alone PBM merge with Cigna, with more changes expected to occur soon.

Take a look at our roundup of recent M&A News and learn what our experts are saying about these big industry changes.

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