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Introducing Procedure Finder 2.0

Procedure Finder 2.0 offers a complete picture of where medical procedures are being performed to enable commercialization teams to create effective sales strategies. A procedure volume-based tool with an emphasis on the activity within hospitals and hospital systems, the solution helps identify high-value customers by giving you an understanding of where and how often the procedure of interest is being performed, and now, by which doctor.


The benefits of Procedure Finder 2.0

By integrating additional DRG assets into Procedure Finder, DRG offers deeper insights, greater clarity and more detail which allows you to:

  • Understand the landscape of procedures being performed by hospital, hospital system and now by doctor.
  • Identify opportunities for growth based on procedure volumes.
  • Assess customer value by understanding size of health system or hospital along with the scope of physicians and surgeons for specific procedures of interest.
  • Accurately target sales and marketing messages and tactics.


New features in Procedure Finder 2.0

DRG has integrated additional real world data (RWD) assets to further enhance the market insights of procedure finder to:

  • Identify individual doctors within the hospital who are performing specific procedures so you can effectively target sales and marketing efforts.
  • Explore how hospitals are organized into health systems to more accurately evaluate the value of a customer target to set specific engagement strategies.

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