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Oncology Clinical Trial Monitor (OCTM)

Oncology Clinical Trial Monitor, developed by DRG oncology experts to aid the clinical decisions of oncology companies, is a continuously updated dashboard that helps companies visualize and track the rapidly evolving clinical trial landscape and uncover trends in development to inform strategic decisions with:

  • Fully-customizable interactive visualizations; and a
  • Weekly data refresh that is sorted, classified, and interpreted by DRG oncology experts.

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Accurate, timely, and granular data


At the center of the product is a vast repository of data that includes every immune checkpoint inhibitor, checkpoint co-stimulatory modulator, therapeutic vaccine, and CAR T-Cell Therapy in clinical development for every oncology indication, sub-population, and biomarker for which these therapies have been evaluated. Our oncology experts collect, harmonize, and interpret the information across thousands of oncology clinical trials to ensure its relevance and accuracy.

Customizable dashboard


The visual dashboard represents a new standard of user interface for clinical database tools with each page providing a range of options for data arrangement including several different filters. These filters allow users to quickly and easily customize information based on several different criteria such as indication, phase of trial, biomarker, line of therapy, primary endpoint, country, and study drug class.

Oncology expertise


Our oncology experts are renowned analysts, thought leaders, and advisers. They are involved in every stage of production, from building the data repository, choosing the data points, harmonizing and interpreting the data, designing the dashboard, and updating the database. As existing trusted partners in oncology, biopharma companies can rely on our experts to interpret the most important data and insights from clinical trials.

The most valuable insights

Gain a competitive advantage with OCTM by:

  • Monitoring oncology clinical trials design and pipeline activities
  • Discovering opportunities in untapped markets, appropriate acquisition targets, and potential partners
  • Identifying combination strategies and primary endpoints for your trial
  • Understanding how trial design is impacted by biomarker stratification and emerging biomarkers under evaluation
  • Learning how competitors are designing trials (recruitment, endpoints, burden) and evaluate early emerging trends from Phase 1 trials
  • Examining evolving markets and the future competitive environment


Oncology Clinical Trial Monitor enables companies to find fast answers to specific, highly nuanced questions and to create visual heatmaps of clinical activity, revealing areas of potential opportunities for investment. This tool has been designed exclusively for the oncology space, and offers all the functionality and search parameters you need, and none of the data clutter you don’t need.

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Case Studies

Understand the evolving IO landscape

A top 10 pharmaceutical company needs to stay informed of the shifting immuno-oncology landscape.


Prioritize early-phase development

A large pharma company is trying to prioritize its combination strategy in early-phase clinical trials for an emerging MEK inhibitor.


Design pivotal trials for optimal market access

Demonstrating meaningful improvements in relevant endpoints in appropriately designed trials will lower market access hurdles, but the goalposts are moving.


Identifying emerging biomarkers in oncology

An emerging asset is not effective in a broad population. A leading biotech believes it will be effective in a sub-population, but is unsure which biomarkers are relevant.

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