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Customer Engagement Insights
Uncover customer perceptions, needs and behaviors to develop impactful multichannel engagement strategies for your brand.
With 15+ years of experience tracking digital health trends, customer engagement, and multichannel attitudes and behaviors, Decision Resources Group’s Manhattan ResearchTM portfolio helps your brand enhance engagement strategies with physicians, patients and payers.

Explore our Physician Engagement Research
25 countries | 25+ specialties
Understand physicians’ multichannel behaviors and needs, which tactics influence prescribing, and how to improve your HCP engagement strategy.

25+ specialties
Uncover what physicians want from pharma reps and digital services, which tactics influence prescribing, and how to improve HCP engagement.

25 countries | 25+ specialties
Prioritize channels and content to maximize engagement with your key HCP audience.
Key questions:

  • How can you extend the impact of your reps/field force through data-driven multichannel strategies?
  • Which channels, sources and platforms are your HCP audiences relying on for information and decision-making today?
  • What types of digital content and website features are most likely to engage and activate your HCP audiences based on their needs and motivations?
  • What are the best opportunities for your brand to support physicians’ relationships with patients at the point of care?
  • Which tactics should you prioritize and avoid in planning discussions?
  • Which best practices do you need to employ across channels to avoid harming physician relationships?

Explore our Patient Engagement Research
5 countries | 50+ diseases
Understand patients’ multichannel behaviors and needs, attitudes towards emerging healthcare tech, and how they make decisions across the patient journey to improve your patient engagement strategy.

50+ diseases
Discover what support patients expect from pharma, how they utilize pharma patient resources, how they evaluate options for treatment decisions, and what drives medication adherence.

50+ diseases
Prioritize channels and content to maximize engagement with your key patient audience.
Key questions:

  • What are patients’ biggest health related concerns? What actions do they take to manage their health?
  • What types of information sources and content are consumers using along different stages of their patient journey? How different types of content and channels impact their decision making?
  • What patient resources and information do patients need to support their health decision making?
  • Which digital tactics and DTC advertising are patients receptive to and drive behavior?
  • What triggers specific treatment requests and what is driving treatment switching?
  • What digital technologies do patients use to manage their health? What tactics can increase medication adherence?

Explore our Payer Engagement Research
P&T committee members, MCOs, PBMs, ACOs and IDNs
Understand how P&T committee members use digital sources to make formulary decisions, what they want from account managers and pharma digital services, which patient support solutions influence formulary placement, how to improve your payer engagement, and the impact of patient reported outcomes.

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