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Introducing: Coupon Analysis Threat Assessor

Pharma spent more than $20 Billion on manufacturer coupon programs in 2018 alone.

Despite this, many top brands are seeing declines or stagnation in market share.

  • How do you track your ROI?
  • How do you track your competitor’s coupon usage?
  • How do you track brand exposure to high deductible health plans?
  • How do you assess when you and your competitor’s brand is vulnerable to copay accumulators?


Coupon Market Share & Spending


  • Market share trends by brand as well as coupon utilization statistics; filterable by region.
  • Brand-by-brand comparison of manufacturer coupon spending and ROI.
  • Compare average income from brand fills that use coupons.

Copay Accumulator Analysis


  • Insight into brand vulnerability to the negative impacts of copay accumulators.
  • Timeline to identify when a patient is most likely to abandon therapy when exposed to a copay accumulator.
  • Identify how many patients could exhaust their coupon benefits when they are exposed to a copay accumulator.

High Deductible Health Plan Analysis


  • Through the combination of real world claims data, lives information and market research, DRG’s solution provides an interactive dashboard and insights model enabling our clients to…
  • Identify brand exposure to high-deductible health plans, and how often patients with an HDHP use coupons.
  • View how many brand fills likely occurred under a high-deductible plan and, of those, how many used coupons.
  • Determine how often patients under HDHPs filled their prescriptions using coupons.

Gain a Comprehensive View on Coupon Programs



  • Gain a deep understanding of the market landscape
  • Identify the key players within the market deploying coupon programs
  • Brand exposure to high deductible health plans


  • Assess the financial impacts by individual therapy class and drug level
  • Identify class and brand-level trends
  • Copay accumulator vulnerability by brand

Strategize, implement & measure

  • Develop comprehensive data-driven strategies
  • Deploy strategic initiatives to minimize financial & market share impacts
  • Target opportunities for market share growth

Product breakdown


DRG offers a truly unique combination of data and insights with at-a-glance views of:

  • COPAY ASSISTANCE UTILIZATION TRACKER – Detail at the national and state levels; By therapy area and PBM.
  • HIGH DEDUCTIBLE HEALTH PLAN ANALYSIS – Identify brand exposure to HDHP.
  • THREAT ASSESSMENT – Real world data supported insights on impacts by therapy class, drug and geographical region.
  • DRUG ANALYSIS – Assess drug-level risk, financial impacts, coupon ROI, and compare your drug with competing therapies.
  • PBM ENROLLMENT OVERVIEW – Includes number of potentially impacted patients.
  • LEGISLATION – Key state level policies and regulations.