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HealthbaseConnect has been built to provide multi-disciplinary market access teams with the data and insight they need to understand alignments between systems – down to the individual provider level – and ascertain the market control of IDNs across US regions and patient populations.


It provides a groundbreaking view of the strength of affiliations within healthcare delivery systems. The new platform is designed to promote more effective communication and unify home office market access, field sales, marketing, and account management teams by providing a single source of truth for affiliations data with a corresponding view of IDN behavior and trends.

Doing more to Maximize Commercial Value for Life Science Companies


New Product Commercialization – Assess market opportunity for proposed new products and Design a targeted product launch strategy

Organized Customer Targeting – Improve your understanding of IDNs and ACOs and segment complex entities based on prescribing behavior and locus of control

Market Access Strategy –  Identify the levers of control that influence payors and providers and leverage compelling real-world evidence in support of your product/s.

Sales Force Effectiveness – Optimize your sales force structure size and deployment and improve sales execution through better customer segmentation and targeting

Advanced Algorithms for Better Data


Seamless – HealthbaseConnect offers multiple data delivery methods, including database exports, flat files, intuitive UI driven software tools and powerful graph database visualization tools, all with a focus on simplicity and ease of use.

Accurate – HealthbaseConnect’s novel automated technology-driven approach can map not only the HCOs, HCPs and the links between them but also the strength and nature of the relationships, all in real-time. The dataset has been compared with all available “industry standard” offerings and has been shown to be superior in accuracy by our clients.

Comprehensive – HealthbaseConnect mines public data beyond just CMS including unstructured non-regulatory content. In addition, HealthbaseConnect benefits from over 12B private pharmaceutical and medical claims, which often contain early and hidden information on entities, physicians and their respective affiliations. Given this approach, HealthbaseConnect has the most complete dataset in the industry with over 99% coverage of HCOs and HCPs.

Linked/Graph – HealthbaseConnect is a purpose-built graph database. Every entity in the graph is tracked with respect to its connectivity with every other entity. Concepts such as corporate ownership, physician employment, patient referrals to and referrals from, procedure billing and reimbursement and many more are captured as searchable metadata in the graph. Powerful new analyses can now be undertaken with ease.


Simple UI

Relational Database

Graph Database Platform

A Better View on IDNs


By offering machine learning with contextual IDN analysis provided by seasoned market access analysts, HealthbaseConnect offers the most accurate affiliations database on the market, and a groundbreaking evolution to DRG’s IDN Analyzer product.

We now offer a multi-dimensional view of the affiliations ecosystem, bringing together corporate market access strategy and field sales activity through robust, granular data, and rapid answers about IDN market control and behavior.