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Employer vantage (EV)

The data to dive deeper into the health benefits of U.S. employers.

With the growing influence of U.S. employers on the working population’s access to brand name drugs, it has never been more important—or valuable—for pharmaceutical companies to gain insights into the health benefits of employers around the country.

Employer Vantage, part of DRG’s Managed Market Surveyor Suite of products, combines data from multiple sources—including secondary research and third-party data—to deliver a complete snapshot of employer health benefits. In a matter of clicks, you can get a clear picture of:

  • Employer Locations
  • Employee Concentrations
  • Employer Benefit Plans
  • Employer-Carrier Affiliations
  • Employer-PBM Affiliations

In-depth profiles.

Employer Vantage gives you access to the most comprehensive and accurate employer profiles built from our proprietary methodology, secondary research, and third-party data.

Show me employer influence, locations, and PBM-Payer affiliations!

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Quickly and easily create customized reports highlighting the regions, employers, insurers, and PBMs most vital to your employer market strategy.

Employer Vantage presents best-in-class data and analysis to fully understand the employer/insurance provider relationship and assess employee participation, answering questions like:

  • What benefits are employers offering?
  • Which insurers are providing those benefits?
  • Who are the largest employers in a state or sub-state geography?

Employer Vantage gives you a complete snapshot of the largest employers in a region, including their contracting details with health plans and PBMs.

Reliable, actionable employer health benefits intelligence.

By consolidating and integrating multiple data sets into a single, intuitive, web-based interface, and displaying information in customizable, shareable formats, Employer Vantage makes it easy to identify sales and partnership opportunities by connecting:

  • All U.S. employers—and their subsidiaries—with 500 or more employees, including state and local governments, covering more than 100 million people
  • Nearly 400 Managed Care Organizations (MCOs)
  • More than 40 Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs)
  • Over 900 CBSAs and metropolitan divisions

Get the complete picture with the complete suite.

Employer Vantage offers the ideal complement to the payer/PBM data of DRG’s Managed Market Surveyor – a single platform that now integrates our Managed Market Surveyor and Pharmacy Benefit Evaluator solutions.

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Employ the industry’s most detailed employer data.

There’s no better way to evaluate the structure and impact of employer health plans in the U.S. than with Employer Vantage. Assess local, regional, and national-level opportunities with a unique platform offering:

  • Insights into all the largest employers in the country
  • User-friendly data visualizations
  • Regional, plan, and PBM partner views

Get a complete and clear snapshot of health benefits for the largest U.S. employers so you can understand the employer/provider relationship and assess employee participation. Explore the invaluable insights of Employer Vantage today!

Show me employer influence, locations, and PBM-Payer affiliations!

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