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Digital Patient Insights

Our consumer studies, formally under the Manhattan Research brand, cover 6 countries and more than 60 indications. Clients use this research to understand digital patient behavior and needs along their audience's treatment journey, meet them with the right content and support in the right places, and plan for patient-centric solutions to drive outcomes.


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eBook: A New Era of Customer Engagement for Life Sciences

Meredith Ressi, VP of Digital Innovation Solutions

Plan insights-driven patient experiences

Cybercitizen Health®




6 6 countries US and EU5
60+ 60+ patient and caregiver audiences

Cybercitizen Health Infographic


Clients use Cybercitizen Health® to:


Understand patient behavior and needs along the treatment journey so they can influence medication decisions and adherence



Prioritize marketing efforts towards the channels patients and caregivers rely on the most



Improve patient outcomes and adherence by taking advantage of technology-enabled tools to extend care


ePharma Consumer®




60+ 60+ patient and caregiver audiences


Clients use ePharma Consumer® to:


Target content and promotions to the chan­nels patients rely on when researching treat­ment information at critical decision points



Support patient outcomes by understand­ing “beyond the pill” services of most interest to patients



Improve brand loyalty using novel digital tools to improve patient engagement and adherence

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