This quarterly report provides a detailed analysis of emerging and current therapies in nephrology based on responses from surveyed U.S. nephrologists. Emphasis is on anemia management (ESAs and IV Iron), calciumphosphorus metabolism (phosphate binders) and secondary hyperparathyroidism (vitamin D and calcimimetic agents). Covers the management of dialysis and mid-late stage CKD patients.
Topics include percent of patients on each therapy, patient share, therapy initiation levels, perception of current laboratory values, attribute importance and performance ratings, impact of dialysis bundling, compliance, statement agreements and reaction to new products in development, among other topics.

Questions Answered in This Report:

  • What is the current and anticipated use of renal related classes of medications (ESAs, IV and oral iron, phosphate binders, vitamin D analogs and calcimimetics) among dialysis and mid-late stage CKD patients?

  • What is the familiarity, interest and percentage of patients likely to be candidates for products in late-stage development?

  • How does the importance and performance of various attributes (e.g., efficacy, safety and dosing among others) differ between renal products?

  • How do nephrologists perceive the latest in disease awareness issues, such as changes in target hemoglobin levels, blood transfusion rates, orals in the dialysis bundle, complications in SHPT, the role of calcium in ESRD and CKD and other topics?


Sample Frame & Methodology:

~200 nephrologists complete a 45-minute online quantitative survey with several open-ended questions for qualitative feedback per quarter. (300 in Q4)

To qualify, respondents must meet the following criteria:

Minimum of 50 dialysis and 100 CKD-ND (stages 3 and 4) patients under management

Have been in practice a minimum of 2 years and a maximum of 30 years

Key Drugs Covered:

Marketed products: Epogen, Aranesp, Procrit, Venofer, Ferrlecit, Nulecit, Feraheme, INFeD, Dexferrum, Injectafer, Sensipar, Zemplar, Hectorol, Calcijex, Renagel, Renvela, PhosLo, Phoslyra, Fosrenol, Velphoro

In Development:

In Development: AKB-6548, roxadustat, Triferic, Zerenex, ZS-9, patiromer, GCS-100, ST-10, Rayaldee, velcalcetide and others

Key Companies Mentioned:

Abbvie, Akebia Therapeutics, AMAG Pharmaceuticals, Amgen, Keryx Biopharmaceuticals, Rockwell Medical, Sanofi Renal, Shire, Among others


- Final report in Powerpoint format

- Trending will be provided for clients purchasing relevant previous reports

- Complete set of frequency tables, summary statistics, and cross tabulations can be provided upon request

- Proprietary question slide deck: Clients purchasing report prior to fielding will have the opportunity to include up to three proprietary questions

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