A syndicated report that will provide information on various hyperphosphatemia market dynamics. It provides insight into practice patterns, attitudes and perceptions, and current and projected use of phosphate binders. It will evaluate perceived needs, controversies, and perceived product advantages and disadvantages.
This report will focus on the impact of new iron-based binders in the U.S. hyperphosphatemia market.

Questions Answered in This Report:

  • - Evaluate awareness (aided/unaided), interest, and initial reaction to new iron based phosphate binders: Velphoro and Zerenex
    - What are the primary advantages and disadvantages?
    - What is the perception of these phosphate binders?

  • - Identify the expected placement of Velphoro and Zerenex in the physicians’ treatment algorithm for hyperphosphatemia, and the likely uptake of these products.
    - As a result of an iron-based phosphate binder, will nephrologists use less ESAs / IV iron?
    - Are these likely to be first line products or will patients be switched from another binder?
    - Which phosphate binders will be offset by these products?
    - Are there particular patient types appropriate for iron based binders compared to the other phosphate binders?
    - Which currently available binders (calcium, sevelamer, lanthanum) if any, are likely to be displaced by these new iron-based binders?
    - How do nephrologists perceive Velphoro and Zerenex and are how are these products perceived to be different?

  • - Identify the obstacles to growth for Velphoro and Zerenex
    - How will the availability of non-calcium generics impact the market and the uptake of these new binders?
    - What are the likely largest barriers to uptake for these products?


Sample Methodology:

- 45 minute online quantitative survey with several open-ended questions for qualitative feedback completed by 102 Nephrologists in the US

To qualify, respondents must meet the following criteria:

- In practice between 2 and 30 years

- Minimum of 50 dialysis and100 CKD-ND (Stage 3 and 4) patients under management

Physician Research:

- 102 U.S. nephrologists and 5 U.S. qualitative interviews

Products Mentioned:

- Renvela (sevelamer carbonate), Renagel (sevelamer hydrochloride), Fosrenol (lanthanum carbonate), PhosLo/calcium acetate generics, Zerenex (ferric citrate), Velphoro (sucroferric oxyhydroxide),

Key Companies Mentioned:

- Fresenius, Keryx Biopharmaceuticals, Sanofi, Shire, Vifor Pharma, And more


- Final report in Powerpoint format

- Complete set of frequency tables, summary statistics, and cross tabulations can be provided upon request

- Proprietary question slide deck: Clients purchasing report prior to fielding will have the opportunity to include up to three proprietary questions

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