The multiple sclerosis (MS) therapy market comprises more than a dozen disease-modifying therapies (DMTs) spanning a range of mechanisms of action, clinical profiles, formulations, and value propositions. It also features substantial late-phase pipeline activity; several new candidates will be submitted and/or accepted for FDA review in 2019. DMTs in development include novel entrants (Mavenclad, an oral, short-course, selective immune reconstitution therapy), a reformulation (Biogen’s Tecfidera follow-on Vumerity), and several next-generation alternatives (e.g., Celgene’s ozanimod, Novartis’s ofatumumab). Additional areas of development include novel adjunctive neuroprotective and remyelinating strategies (e.g., MediciNova’s ibudilast, Biogen’s opicinumab), arguably the next frontier in MS treatment. This report will examine neurologists’ opinions of, receptivity to, and anticipated use of new products likely to enter this dynamic market in the next few years.

Questions Answered

  • What are neurologists’ perceptions of Vumerity? What impact will it have on market leader Tecfidera?
  • What are neurologists’ opinions of Mayzent for the treatment of secondary-progressive MS and of the data supporting ibudilast for progressive MS?
  • What impact will new S1P pathway modulators, which mitigate cardiac effects through dose titration/receptor selectivity, have on first-in-class and entrenched Gilenya?
  • How do surveyed neurologists plan to incorporate new therapies in the treatment algorithm? How could the new therapies change the treatment algorithm?

Geographies: United States

Primary research: Survey of 100 neurologists

Key drugs covered: Mavenclad (oral cladribine), Vumerity (diroximel fumarate), Mayzent (siponimod), ozanimod, ibudilast, and others

Key insights provided:

  • Willingness to prescribe key emerging therapies
  • Current/anticipated use of emerging therapies and their impact on current treatment
  • Obstacles to uptake of emerging therapies
  • Potential uptake of emerging therapies in progressive MS subpopulations

Product Description

DRG’s Special Topics reports use quantitative primary research to assess evolving trends and market effects in dynamic disease areas. Insights from this report on multiple sclerosis will help developers gauge the competitiveness of their late-phase pipeline candidates and design messages to support or defend their market position.

Table of contents

  • Multiple Sclerosis - Special Topics - Special Topics: New Entrants On The U.S. Multiple Sclerosis Market
    • 2019 Special Topics: New Entrants in the U.S. Multiple Sclerosis Market

Author(s): Sarah Soucy

Sarah Soucy, M.S., is a Business Insights Analyst with the central nervous system/ophthalmology disorders group at Decision Resources Group. She has authored primary research and insights for dry and wet age-related macular degeneration and multiple sclerosis.

Prior to joining DRG, Ms. Soucy spent six years on the client side as a scientist at Pfizer in the inflammation and immunology research group with both in vitro and in vivo experience. She earned her B.S. in Animal Science with a Bioscience and Technology option and her M.S. in Nutritional Sciences from the University of New Hampshire, Durham, where she studied disordered metabolism

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