Immunotherapy is one of the most exciting areas of oncology drug development. Numerous manufacturers and investors are entering the field and are rapidly expanding and diversifying their portfolios. Given the great unmet need in glioblastoma for therapies able to extend OS, immunotherapy, including novel vaccines and immune checkpoint inhibitors, could provide a valuable treatment option for glioblastoma patients who do not respond to or experience a recurrence of their disease following conventional therapy.

Questions Answered in This Report:

  • There are relatively few therapies currently in late-phase development for glioblastoma; the pipeline is dominated by immunotherapies. What are the interviewed experts’ thoughts on the emerging immunotherapies’ trial designs? Which immunotherapies do we expect to launch over the next decade? What sales do these immunotherapies stand to garner in a market almost devoid of competition?

  • Several vaccines are in various phases of development for the treatment of glioblastoma. How do the interviewed thought leaders view these therapies, which of them do they expect to succeed and why?

  • Glioblastoma is an indication with one of the highest level of unmet need in all of oncology. Which unmet needs do the interviewed thought leaders consider the most pressing? How likely are the emerging immunotherapies to meet them?
Author(s): Natalia Reoutova, M.Sc., M.A.