Taking the Pulse® US is a study and strategic advisory service focused on helping life clients understand physician’s digital behavior and pain points, identify emerging content and service opportunities, and optimize their cross-channel HCP engagement strategy.

ePharma Physician® is a study and strategic advisory service focused on helping clients understand how physicians learn about and access promotional, medical and practice support resources from pharma, the ways pharma marketers can maximize physician engagement with their digital content, and how pharma sales reps can strengthen the pharma-physician relationship with in-person and remote digital interactions.

Questions Answered in This Report:

  • Taking the Pulse® US

    • What resources are U.S. HCPs using to access product information, patient information and additional resources and services?
    • How can pharma optimize experiences at the point of care through resources insight and outside of the EHR?
    • Where should pharma consider sponsoring medical content?
    • How can pharma deliver scientific information and medical information to today’s HCP?
    • What channels are U.S. physicians utilizing to access professional information throughout the workday?

    ePharma Physician®

    • What information and services from pharma will create the strongest digital engagements with physicians?
    • Which pharma tools and resources are critical to help physicians achieve their practice's key care metrics and goals?
    • Which pharma companies provide the best-in-class digital offerings to support physicians' various resource needs?
    • What is the level of demand and impact for personalized website experiences?
    • How can sales reps utilize in-person meetings to move the needle on multichannel engagement with physicians?
    • How widespread is adoption of pharma remote detailing programs, and in which clinical scenarios do physicians turn to these services?