The Latin American heart valve device market will experience strong growth through 2029, largely driven by an expanding patient pool, improving access to treatment, and continued adoption of THV devices. However, the COVID-19 pandemic will have a significant impact on the Latin American heart valve device market, resulting in lost procedure volumes in the short term followed by a period of recovery.

This Medtech 360 Report provides comprehensive data and analysis on the current state of the market for heart valve devices in Latin America across a 10-year period.

The COVID-19 pandemic is having a significant impact on cardiovascular medtech markets.

How significantly are heart valve procedure volumes being reduced in the wake of the crisis?

Which market segments are being impacted by the pandemic to the greatest degree?

How soon will revenues recover after the impact of the pandemic?

All segments of the heart valve device market in Latin America continue to expand.

Which device segments are the fastest growing and why?

What is the degree of penetration of heart valve procedures into the eligible patient population? 

Continued adoption of THV—particularly TAVR—will drive growth of the Latin American heart valve device market.

What factors are driving adoption of TAVR in Latin America and do they vary by country?

How much does the high cost of TAVR impact adoption in Latin America?

While Latin America has been experiencing economic struggles, there is a high degree of focus on establishing universal health care.

How have economic shifts affected the heart valve device market?

Have efforts to establish universal health care impacted the heart valve device market?

What recent reimbursement policy changes have taken place and how do they affect market revenue?

How does the competitive landscape differ in the Latin American heart valve device market compared to the rest of the world?

What are the local competitors and how do their presence differ by country?

What have MNCs done to encourage the uptake of their premium-priced devices, especially TAVR devices?

What products under development make competitors more of a threat to established players?

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Author(s): Drew Wallace

Drew C. Wallace is an analyst on the Cardiovascular Medtech Insights team, specializing in heart valve and cardiac rhythm management device markets. Drew holds a Master's degree in Developmental Biology from the University of Western Ontario. Prior to his current position, Drew worked at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre on the immunotherapy clinical trial program.