The Asia Pacific dialysis access treatment device market will grow modestly through 2027, driven by rising incidence of ESRD due to the aging population coupled with government initiatives to improve the access to dialysis care. However, market revenues will be hindered to some extent by declining ASPs resulting from pricing pressures and increasing competition.

This Medtech 360 Report provides comprehensive data and analysis on the current state of the market for dialysis access treatment products in Asia Pacific countries across a 10-year period.

Clinical data and treatment guidelines will drive the use of a particular device.

What clinical trials and clinical studies have been performed in the dialysis access treatment device space?

What will be the impact of the results of the clinical trials being performed? 

Price consciousness and inadequate reimbursement represent major limiters for the uptake of premium-priced technologies in the Asia Pacific dialysis access treatment devices.

What effect will varying levels of reimbursement between countries have on their respective markets?

How will cost consciousness among Asia Pacific countries affect device uptake in different product segments?

Growth in the Chinese and Indian markets is being driven in part by government health care reforms in these countries 

What government initiatives are currently impacting trends in dialysis access treatment?

How will these initiatives impact the growth of the dialysis access treatment device market?

Table of contents

  • Dialysis Access Treatment Devices - Market Insights - Asia Pacific

Author(s): Sangeetha Iyer, Pharm.D

Sangeetha Iyer is an analyst within the Cardiovascular Medtech Insights team at Decision Resource Group, specializing in structural heart closure and vascular access device markerts across the Asia Pacific region, as well as medical device pricing and regulations in China and Japan. Sangeetha has represnted India at the European Society of Cardiology confrerence in Greece(2016) and Sweden(2017), where her research poster was awarded the top prize. Sangeetha holds a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the Manipal Academy of Higher Education. Follow Sangeetha on twitter: @Slyer_DRG

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