The US diagnostic imaging equipment servicing market will be negatively impacted by the ongoing shift toward value-based care in the US, which is resulting in budget constraints and hospital consolidations. At the same time, however, this trend will encourage facilities to invest in advanced imaging systems and full-service contracts, which will somewhat mitigate the negative impact.

This Medtech 360 Report provides comprehensive data and analysis on the current state of the market for diagnostic imaging equipment servicing in the US across a 10-year period.

Health care facilities are actively seeking effective yet lower-cost solutions for equipment servicing.

How has increased financial concern affected the way in which facilities approach their equipment purchasing strategies and equipment servicing strategies?

How will health care reform impact adoption of imaging systems and, subsequently, servicing agreements?

Growing sales of premium systems in all modalities will continue to change the composition of the installed base throughout the forecast period.

How will the uptake of these premium systems affect the ASPs of service contracts?

How are competitors adapting to the changes in the installed base profile of diagnostic imaging systems to ensure their competitiveness in the servicing landscape?

Potential stringent FDA regulations may impact the third-party servicing of medical devices in the near future.

What are some recent actions the FDA has taken in regard to third-party servicing?

How will the increase in FDA regulation impact the third-party servicing business?

What impact does the ongoing trade war between China and the US have on the diagnostic imaging equipment servicing market?

How will this impact the overall ASPs of service contracts?

How will this affect US manufacturers that rely on Chinese manufacturing materials?

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  • Diagnostic Imaging Equipment Servicing - Market Insights - United States

Author(s): Hebri Nandita Mallya

Hebri Nandita Mallya is a research associate within the Endoscopy, Diagnostics, and Healthcare IT Medtech Insights team at Decision Resources Group, specializing in Diagnostic Imaging Systems market. Hebri Nandita Mallya holds a Bachelor's degree in Biotechnology, Chemistry and Zoology from Christ University, Bangalore, and a Master's degree in Medical Biochemistry from Manipal Academy of Higher Education.

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