The COVID-19 pandemic will have a significant impact on the Chinese diagnostic imaging market in the short term. Once the market stabilizes, however, the diagnostic imaging system market in China will see moderate growth through 2029 as health care reform efforts bolster hospital spending in all tiers of the health care system. The market is further supported by an ongoing effort to digitize hospitals, which will support the adoption of highly integrated diagnostic imaging systems.

This Medtech 360 Report provides comprehensive data and analysis on the current state of the market for diagnostic imaging systems in China across a 10-year period.

The COVID-19 pandemic will affect the diagnostic imaging system market.

To what extent will the COVID-19 pandemic impact the Chinese diagnostic imaging system market?

How will the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic differ between segments?

The Chinese government is investing in the digitization of its health care system and incorporating artificial intelligence in different aspects of diagnostic imaging.

How has increased health care digitization impacted the market?

Which diagnostic imaging system segments will directly benefit from this increased investment?

How will this impact the strategies for domestic and foreign companies in this market?

How can manufacturers play an active role in health care reform?

The Chinese government has enacted a number of measures that promote the adoption of Chinese diagnostic imaging systems in all tiers of the health care system.

How can foreign companies remain competitive in this landscape?

What are the specific policies that the government has outlined to increase the adoption of domestic systems?

What are some of the challenges these policies will face given the current perception of domestic systems compared to foreign systems?

The Chinese government is improving regulations on the import of diagnostic imaging systems and their distribution.

How will foreign companies benefit from this?

How will this impact the adoption of domestic imaging systems?

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Author(s): Hebri Nandita Mallya

Hebri Nandita Mallya is a research associate within the Endoscopy, Diagnostics, and Healthcare IT Medtech Insights team at Decision Resources Group, specializing in Diagnostic Imaging Systems market. Hebri Nandita Mallya holds a Bachelor's degree in Biotechnology, Chemistry and Zoology from Christ University, Bangalore, and a Master's degree in Medical Biochemistry from Manipal Academy of Higher Education.