Through 2028, the Latin American market for dental implants will expand modestly. Procedure volumes will be driven by growing awareness of the benefits of dental implant surgery and more trained physicians, as well as increased dental tourism. However, economic instability and a lack of reimbursement in some countries will hinder this growth to some extent throughout the forecast period.

This Medtech 360 Report provides comprehensive data and analysis on the current state of the market for large-joint reconstructive implants in Latin America across a 10-year period.

Changing economic and political landscape will have an impact on dental implant market in Latin America

How has the economic crisis affected the market?

What strategies can companies employ to be successful in the present economic scenario?

Increased dental tourism in Latin America has lead to an increase in procedure volume through 2028.

How has dental tourism affected dental implant market in Latin America?

Which country's market is growing the fastest, and what is contributing to it?

Dental clinic networks in Latin America will influence the competitive landscape for dental implants in Latin America.

Will the growth of dental clinic network in Latin America have an influence on the dental implant procedure numbers?

What key competitive strategies are implemented by international manufacturers and local companies to maintain share?

The uptake of technological advances in the dental implant space, such as guided surgery planning software and guided surgery drilling templates, is hindered by cost constraints in the Latin American region.

How will technological advances impact this market?

Which innovations will be adopted, and which ones will remain unpopular in the region and why?

Table of contents

  • Dental Implants - Market Insights - Latin America

Author(s): Meenu Sankar, MS

Meenu Sankar is a research associate within the Orthopedics, Dental, and Aesthetics Medtech Insights team at Decision Resources Group, specializing in large-joint reconstructive implants. Meenu holds a Bachelor's degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Manipal University and a Master's degree in Biomedicine from The University of Skövde.

Follow Meenu on Twitter:@meenu_sankarDRG

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