The cancellation or postponement of elective procedures, including breast augmentations and reconstructions, due to the COVID-19 pandemic will have a major negative impact on the European market for breast implants and reconstructive devices in the short term, compounding the recent market decline due to the association of BIA-ALCL with macrotextured silicone breast implants. However, the market will return to growth, supported by continued patient demand for augmentation and reconstruction procedures, innovative technologies that improve the ease of implant placement, and efforts by companies to address concerns regarding product safety.  

This Medtech 360 Report provides comprehensive data and analysis on the current state of the market for breast implants and reconstructive devices in Europe across a 10-year period.

Table of contents

  • Breast Implants And Reconstructive Devices - Market Insights - Europe (Supplemental)

Author(s): Attusa Chikodi, MBA

Attusa Chikodi is a senior analyst on the Orthopedics, Dental, and Aesthetics Medtech Insights team at DRG (Part of Clarivate), focused on the breast implant and reconstructive device markets. Attusa holds an MBA in pharmaceutical management from Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies and a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Microbiology.