Cosentyx (US) is a three-wave syndicated report series that specifically tracks the introduction of Novartis’s Cosentyx (secukinumab), a potent, subcutaneous IL-17 inhibitor approved for the treatment of psoriasis (PsO). This report series is based on primary research data collected at one month, six months, and one year post-commercial availability of Cosentyx. Along with awareness and sources of familiarity, the reports assess U.S. dermatologists’ trial, adoption, and use of Cosentyx, including anticipated future trends. The reports also provide information on product perceptions, satisfaction, obstacles to use, drivers of prescribing, patient types, displacement of competitors, Novartis’s promotional efforts, and benchmarking against other previously launched immune agents.

Table of contents

  • Psoriasis - Emerging Therapies - Cosentyx Launch Tracking Wave 3 (US)
    • Key Findings
      • Awareness and Perceptions of Cosentyx
      • Cosentyx Trial and Use
      • Competitive Landscape and Cosentyx Promotion
    • Benchmarking Cosentyx Launch Success vs. the Competition
      • Benchmarking Cosentyx Launch Success vs. Analogue Immune Agents
    • Prescriber and Nonprescriber Profiles
      • Differences Between Prescriber and Nonprescriber Profiles
    • Cosentyx Awareness and Perceptions
      • Unaided and Aided Awareness of Cosentyx
        • Aided Awareness of and Familiarity with Cosentyx
        • Awareness of Cosentyx
        • Familiarity with Cosentyx
      • Familiarity with Cosentyx
        • Unaided Awareness of Drugs Currently Available for PsO
      • Sources of Familiarity with Cosentyx
        • Initial Reaction to and Interest in Cosentyx
          • Cosentyx Product Profile
          • Initial Reaction to Cosentyx After Viewing Product Profile
          • Initial Reaction to Cosentyx Based on Attributes
          • Initial Reaction to Cosentyx Based on the Following Attributes
          • Interest Level in Cosentyx
          • Physician Interest in Learning More About Cosentyx
        • Impressions of Cosentyx
          • Uniqueness of Cosentyx vs. Available PsO Agents
          • Physician-Rated Uniqueness of Cosentyx Compared with Other Available PsO Agents
          • Advantages of Cosentyx…In Their Own Words
          • Disadvantages of Cosentyx…In Their Own Words
          • Physician-Rated Risk-Benefit Ratio of Cosentyx
      • Cosentyx Trial and Use
        • Willingness to Prescribe Cosentyx
          • Physician Willingness to Prescribe Cosentyx
          • Physician-Rated Willingness to Prescribe Cosentyx
        • Number of Patients Currently Receiving Cosentyx
          • Cosentyx Patient Origination Among Prescribers
          • Origination of Patients Treated with Cosentyx
        • Anticipated Cosentyx Use
          • Candidates for Cosentyx by PsO Disease Severity
          • Candidates for Cosentyx by Treatment History
          • Cosentyx Candidates According to Nonprescribers…In Their Own Words
          • Cosentyx Line of Therapy
          • Cosentyx Line of Therapy if Price Were Not an Issue
        • Cosentyx Performance on Key Attributes
          • Prescribing Barriers Among Nonprescribers…In Their Own Words
          • Cosentyx Efficacy…In Their Own Words
          • Cosentyx Safety…In Their Own Words
          • Overall Satisfaction with Cosentyx: Prescribers
          • Why high satisfaction (8-10)? (n = 44)
          • Physician-Rated Satisfaction with Cosentyx
          • Prescriber Satisfaction…In Their Own Words
          • Prescribing Barriers Among Cosentyx Prescribers…In Their Own Words
      • Effectiveness of Face-to-Face Detailing for Cosentyx
        • Cosentyx Sales Representative Frequency and Reach
          • Frequency of Dermatologist Contact with Cosentyx Representative
          • Dermatologists’ Receipt of Patient Education Materials/Samples
          • Dermatologists’ Use of Received Samples with PsO Patients
        • Satisfaction with Cosentyx Sales Representative
          • Cosentyx Sales Representative Performance…In Their Own Words
        • Cosentyx Message Recall
          • Suggested Patient Types for Cosentyx
          • Dermatologists Provided Suggestions on Patient Types for Cosentyx
      • Methodology
        • Significance Testing in This Study
        • Report Abbreviations
      • Appendix
        • Primary Market Research
          • Years in Practice
          • Regional Distribution of Dermatologists
          • Practice Type
          • Practice Location
          • Mean Number of PsO Patients
        • Additional Information
          • Preferred Biologics or Novel Oral Agents for Each Line
          • Prescription Drug Treatment by PsO Disease Severity
          • Opinions and Advice on Cosentyx for the Treatment of PsO*
          • Mean Number of Cosentyx Patient Inquiries per Physician
          • Result of Specific Patient Requests for Cosentyx
          • Physician-Rated Managed Care Approval Process for Cosentyx
          • Definition and Types of Psoriasis
          • Prevalence, Characteristics, and Treatment
          • Biologics/Small Molecules Approved for Psoriasis
          • Psoriasis Market News
          • Study Objectives
          • Dermatologists’ Awareness of Products in Development for PsO
          • Administered Dosage to Patients Who Received Cosentyx
          • Advice for Novartis…In Their Own Words
          • Dermatologists define PsO severity by BSA score and patients’ QOL.
          • Physicians Enrolling Patients into Cosentyx’s QuickStart Program
          • Prescribers’ Experience with Cosentyx Managed Care Requirements
          • Requirement for Managed Care Approval of Cosentyx Prescriptions
          • Products Currently in Clinical Trials or Under FDA Review for PsO Treatment
          • PsO Treatment Algorithm…In Their Own Words
          • Brand Share of Biologics or Novel Oral Agents Used in PsO
          • Cosentyx Dosing…In Their Own Words
          • Cosentyx Managed Care Approval Process…In Their Own Words
          • Dermatologists’ Familiarity with Products in Development
          • Experience with Cosentyx’s QuickStart Program
          • Cosentyx Patient Support…In Their Own Words
          • Dermatologists’ Familiarity with Products in Development
          • Phototherapy Treatment by PsO Disease Severity
          • Patient Response to Biologics or Otezla
          • Percentage of Patients Starting on Each Biologic/Otezla in the Past Year Who Received It as a First-Line Systemic Therapy
          • PsO Products in Development…In Their Own Words
          • Percentage of Patients Who Discontinue on Treatment of Each Biologic/Otezla
          • Cosentyx Prescribers
          • Patients Still on Cosentyx
          • Patients Discontinued Cosentyx
          • Efficacy Attributes’ Importance When Choosing a Biologic Agent
          • Biologics/Novel Oral Agents Discussed by Representatives
          • Safety/Tolerability Attributes’ Importance When Choosing a Biologic
          • Pharmacology Attributes’ Importance When Choosing a Biologic
          • Importance of Patient Benefit-Related Attributes When Choosing a Biologic
          • Importance of Physician Benefit-Related Attributes When Choosing a Biologic
          • Statement Agreement
          • Statement Agreement

    Author(s): Hailing Yang, PhD

    Hailing Yang, Ph.D., is an analyst on the Immune and Inflammatory research team at Decision Resources Group, focusing primarily on psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. In this role, he conducts primary research via interviews/surveys with medical experts and write market analysis deliverables designed for key decision-makers within the biopharmaceutical industry.

    Prior to joining DRG, Dr. Yang worked at Selecta Biosciences and Bioss USA Antibodies as a consultant. He studied brain cancer and received a Ph.D. from Tufts University, where he held an executive role for Tufts New England Case Competition. Dr. Yang earned a B.S. from Wuhan University in China.

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