There has been a flurry of merger activity in Washington state recently, particularly in the Seattle area where Optum has purchased two large physician groups, The Polyclinic and DaVita Medical Group. Amazon has spearheaded a massive joint venture with Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan Chase that is called 'Haven.' Kaiser Permanente Washington, the top commercial insurer in the state, is offering a number of options with varying benefits to state residents for 2020. The average monthly premium and average drug deductible increased in Washington state for the 2020 plan year, which is good news for seniors who value plan consistency when it comes to their prescription drug needs. The state approved nine insurers to sell 40 health plans for 2020 on its health insurance exchange, Washington Healthplanfinder. Washington's Health Care Authority announced the recipients of contracts to provide Medicaid enrollees with both physical and behavioral health services through its Integrated Managed Care program. The new program is designed to enhance synergies between the three main delivery systems of physical health, mental health, and substance abuse.