• The number of people reporting symptoms of dermatitis is expected to increase from 26.7 million to 32.8 million across the countries covered in this report over our ten-year forecast period.
  • People younger than age 20 account for half of all dermatitis cases.
  • About one-third of dermatitis cases are associated with atopy.

Table of contents

  • Atopic Dermatitis/Atopic Eczema - Epidemiology - Middle East & Africa
    • Introduction
      • Key Findings
        • Trends in the Growth of Self-Reported Prevalent Cases of Dermatitis Over the Next Ten Years
    • Epidemiology Data
    • Methods
      • Self-Reported 12-Month Prevalent Cases of Dermatitis
      • Self-Reported Lifetime Prevalent Cases of Dermatitis
      • Drug Treatable Cases
      • Atopic Dermatitis
    • Reference Materials
      • Literature Review
        • Studies Included in the Analysis of Atopic Dermatitis/Dermatitis
        • Studies Excluded from the Analysis of Atopic Dermatitis/Dermatitis
      • Risk/ Protective Factors
        • Risk/Protective Factors for Atopic Dermatitis/Dermatitis
      • Bibliography

    Author(s): Devashri Mukherjee, M.P.H.; Lade Ayodele

    Lade Ayodele, M.P.H., is an epidemiologist at DRG, part of Clarivate. Prior to joining DRG, she researched antiretroviral therapy funding, availability, and access at the Clinton Foundation Center for Strategic HIV Operations Research. More recently, she was a Medical Innovation and Leadership fellow at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts. She holds a master's degree in public health (quantitative methods concentration) from Harvard University and a medical degree from the University of Ibadan in Nigeria. She is pursuing a Ph.D. in epidemiology at Boston University School of Public Health, with a focus on pharmacoepidemiology.

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