There is substantial variation in the incidence of social anxiety disorder among the countries under study, ranging from 6 per 1,000 per year in Japan to 67 per 1,000 per year in the United States in 2016.

  • In the countries that are considered in this report, the average 12-month prevalence of social anxiety disorder (SAD) is 40 per 1,000 persons.
  • The 12-month prevalence for SAD ranges from 68 per 1,000 persons in the United States to 6 per 1,000 persons in Japan.
  • Females account for 59% of the 12-month SAD prevalence cases.
  • Across the countries considered in this report, the highest prevalence is in the 20-24 year age-group (62.5 per 1,000 persons).
  • The total number of incident cases of social anxiety disorder across the countries under study will increase by 6% from 23.5726 million in 2016 to 25 million in 2036.
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Author(s): Mudasir Khan, M.P.H.

Mudasir works as an associate epidemiologist within the epidemiology team at Decision Resources Group. He specializes in developing epidemiological forecasts for multiple indications within the DRG syndicated portfolio.

Mudasir holds a masters in public health specializing in epidemiology from TISS, Mumbai.