Market Outlook:

Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is a primary malignancy of the liver, with the majority of cases arising from underlying liver cirrhosis. Treatment of HCC incorporates a variety of multimodal approaches; advanced (metastatic) disease is treated with palliative intent. Few pharmacological interventions are approved for advanced HCC, with Bayer HealthCare/Amgen/Onyx’s Nexavar as the long-standing, only first-line treatment option available. In the recurrent setting, Bristol-Myers Squibb/Ono Pharmaceutical’s PD-1 inhibitor, Opdivo, has captured significant market shares since its approval in 2017. The late-phase development pipeline is predominantly focused on the advanced HCC population segment and encompasses a diverse range of mechanisms of action. Because the HCC market is largely untapped, the developer of an efficacious therapy could reap high commercial rewards.

Questions Answered:

How large is the treatable HCC population and how will drug-treatment rates change over time?

How is HCC currently treated, and what are interviewed experts’ insights on current treatment options?

What clinical needs remain unfulfilled? Who are the key players in the late-phase development pipeline for HCC?

Which agents or drug classes are most promising? What therapies of note are progressing in earlier phases?

Which emerging therapies do we forecast to enter each of the hepatocellular carcinoma market segments?

What uptake and sales are these therapies anticipated to secure?

Product Description:

Disease Landscape & Forecast provides comprehensive market intelligence with world-class epidemiology, keen insight into current treatment paradigms, in-depth pipeline assessments, and drug forecasts supported by detailed primary and secondary research.

Markets covered:

  • United States
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • United Kingdom
  • Japan.

Primary research: Twenty country-specific interviews with thought leaders (medical oncologists and hepatologists).

Key companies:

  • Bayer HealthCare
  • Bristol-Myers Squibb/Ono Pharmaceuticals
  • Merck & Co./MSD
  • Eisai
  • Exelixis/Ipsen.

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