ChartTrends®: Psoriasis 2014 (US) provides insight into the management and treatment of psoriasis patients by dermatologists based on actual patient-level data. More than 180 U.S. dermatologists were surveyed to compare what they self-report about disease management with what actually occurs at the patient level. Through an in-depth review of specific patient charts, details such as product dosing and frequency, prior medications, concomitant medications, and patient demographic variables help identify treatment approaches for psoriasis.

Questions Answered in This Report:

  • Established TNF-α inhibitors are still leading the biologic patient share among audited psoriasis patients. How much market share has more recently launched psoriasis products gained?

  • Products that dermatologists deem to be efficacious are important considerations when initiating treatment to psoriasis patients. How can newcomers compete with established products in the psoriasis disease market?

  • Which products in development that audited psoriasis patients would most likely be switched to vary by whether the patients are currently on conventional systemic or biologic agents. How will forthcoming products for psoriasis impact current brands?


Markets covered: United States.

Primary research: 187 U.S. dermatologists currently in clinical practice, treating a minimum 50 moderate-to-severe psoriasis patients and at least 5 of those patients on biologic agents.

Methodology: 15-minute, online survey for the physician profile with 4-7 patient charts per physician for the patient audit. Patient chart takes 15 minutes each to complete.

Emerging therapies: Phase III: 4 drugs.

Author(s): Elvina Wardjiman

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