Questions Answered in This Report:

    • What options are available to biosimilar developers that lack in-house manufacturing capabilities?
    • What factors should biosimilar developers consider when designing biosimilar clinical programs?
    • How can biosimilar and reference brand companies exploit the multifactorial decision-making process used by stakeholders to differentiate their product from the competition?
    • What types of data do physicians require to increase use of biosimilars in biologic-treated patients?
    • What options are available to reference brand companies seeking to defend against biosimilar entry?


Bringing a biosimilar to market is a lengthy and costly undertaking, requiring significant capabilities in development and manufacturing. Once biosimilars launch, reference brands will face strong and increasing competition from biosimilars. As such, it is paramount that biosimilar and reference brand companies have well-defined strategies to maximize their competitiveness. In this content, we discuss strategies—based on actual practices—that companies can use to flourish in competitive global markets.

Key markets covered

  • Global

Key drugs mentioned

  • Avastin
  • Basaglar
  • Benepali
  • Binocrit
  • Enbrel
  • Herceptin
  • Humira
  • Inflectra
  • Neulasta
  • Nivestim
  • Remicade
  • Remsima
  • Rituxan/MabThera
  • Zarzio/Zarxio