In April 2017, Truxima (rituximab), Celltrion’s biosimilar of Roche’s MabThera, became the first oncology monoclonal antibody (MAb) biosimilar to enter the European market. In this series, we track German physicians’ awareness of Truxima and its uptake since its launch to understand how its entry will impact the non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (NHL), chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL), and the increasingly competitive immune biologics market. Along with physicians’ awareness of, familiarity with, and perceptions of biosimilars in general and of Truxima specifically, we explore the drivers of and barriers to the uptake of biosimilars/Truxima. We examine promotional efforts, as well as prescriber and nonprescriber profiles, and compare Truxima with other available biosimilars, to better understand the dynamics of the German biosimilars market.

Questions Answered

  • Are German physicians aware of Truxima and its clinical development?
  • What are the drivers to prescribing Truxima? What is the current level of Truxima use, and how is it changing over time?
  • Has experience with Truxima changed physicians’ opinions of biosimilars?
  • Have physicians experienced pressure to prescribe Truxima to patients?
  • What promotional messages are sales representatives using to sell Truxima and MabThera?

Table of contents

  • Biosimilars - Emerging Biosimilars - Oncology & Immunology: Truxima Launch Tracking (Germany) Wave 1
    • Key Findings
      • Biosimilar Prescriber and Nonprescriber Profiles
        • Differences Between Truxima Prescribers and Nonprescribers
        • Significant Differences Between Hematology Oncologist Truxima Prescribers and Nonprescribers
        • Significant Differences Between Rheumatologist Truxima Prescribers and Nonprescribers
    • Benchmarking Truxima's Launch Success vs. Other Biosimilar Launches
      • Launch Metrics of Truxima and Other Biosimilars
    • Market Access Analysis
      • Reimbursement of Biosimilars in Germany
        • Biosimilar Pricing
          • List Price for Rituximab
        • Drivers of Biosimilar Uptake
          • German Payers' Opinion of the Market Impact of Biosimilar Rituximab
          • Awareness and Perceptions of Truxima
            • Awareness of and Familiarity with Truxima
              • Unaided Awareness of Truxima
              • Unaided Awareness of Drugs for NHL/CLL
              • Unaided Awareness of Drugs for RA
              • Level of Familiarity with Biosimilars and Truxima
              • Mean Level of Familiarity with Biosimilars
              • Level of Familiarity with Biosimilars
              • Mean Level of Familiarity with Truxima
              • Level of Familiarity with Truxima
            • Perceptions of Truxima
              • Indications in Which Truxima Is Thought to Have Been Clinically Studied Prior to EC Approval
              • Physician Perception of the Indications for Which Truxima Has Been Approved
              • Indications for Which Physicians Believe Truxima Has EC Approval
              • Truxima's Clinical Development Profile
              • Indications for Which Physicians Believe Truxima Should Have Been Approved
          • Trial and Use
            • Current Use of Truxima
              • Drugs Prescribed for NHL/CLL
              • Drugs Prescribed for RA
              • Biosimilars Prescribed
              • Number of Patients Prescribed Truxima
              • Truxima Patient Types
              • Mean Level of Satisfaction with Truxima
              • Satisfaction with Truxima
              • Truxima's Patient Share in Oncology
              • Truxima's Patient Share in Rheumatoid Arthritis
            • Drivers of and Barriers to Truxima Use
              • Reasons to Prescribe Truxima
              • Reasons for Not Prescribing Truxima
              • Factors Encouraging Truxima Use Among Current Nonprescribers
              • Percentage of Physicians Unaware of Truxima's Net Cost
              • Truxima's Average Net Cost vs. That of MabThera
              • Prescriber Perception of Truxima's Similarity to MabThera
              • Anticipated Time to Start Prescribing Truxima
          • External Factors Affecting Use
            • Sources of Pressure or Recommendations to Use Truxima
              • Recommendations for Use of Truxima
              • Encouragement and Expectations to Meet a Prescribing Quota for Rituximab Biosimilars
              • Mean Reported Prescribing Quota for Rituximab Biosimilars
              • Expectations for the Creation of a Reference Pricing Group
            • Patients' Acceptance of Truxima
              • Patients' Acceptance of Truxima Following Proposal by Their Physician
              • Percentage of Surveyed Physicians Who Have Not Proposed Using Truxima to Their Patients
          • Promotional Activity
            • Promotional Activity for Truxima
              • Timing of Sales Representatives' Last Contact
              • Topics Discussed with Sales Representatives
          • Future Use of Biosimilars
            • Willingness to Prescribe Novel Biosimilars
              • Physicians' Likelihood of Prescribing Other Novel Biosimilars Based on Their Experience with Truxima
              • Mean Likelihood of Prescribing a Novel Rituximab Biosimilar
              • Likelihood of Prescribing a Novel Rituximab Biosimilar
            • Patient-Share Expectations for Truxima
              • Truxima's Patient Share in Oncology in Five Years
              • Truxima's Patient Share in Rheumatoid Arthritis in Five Years
          • Appendix
            • Background on the German Rituximab Market
              • Background on Truxima's Development and Marketing
              • Clinical Trials Used to Secure Truxima's EC Approval
              • Timeline of EU Milestones for Truxima
              • The Celltrion Partnership Network
              • Current and Future Biosimilar Landscape
              • Timeline of EU Approvals of Other Oncology and Immunology Biosimilars
              • Novel Rituximab Biosimilars in Late-Phase Development
            • Market News
              • Methodology and Objectives
                • Objectives
                • Physician Research Methodology
                • Number of Study Participants
                • Significance Testing in This Study
                • Payer Research Methodology
              • Respondent Demographics
                • Mean Number of Years in Clinical Practice
                • Practice Type
                • Regional Prescribing Associations in Which Respondents Conduct the Majority of Their Prescribing
                • Number of Patients Under Management per Month
              • Abbreviations
                • Table of Abbreviations

          Author(s): Amy Duval, M Res

          Amy Duval M.Res., is a director in the oncology and biosimilars team at Decision Resources Group. Ms. Duval manages a team of analysts responsible for market research across oncology indications, and also provides client support across Decision Resources Group oncology products.

          Previously, Ms. Duval was a principal analyst in the oncology group, where she developed in-depth expertise in breast and ovarian cancer. Ms. Duval has worked on multiple oncology indications, including malignant melanoma, renal cell carcinoma, and lung cancer, and has worked on topics in both the major and emerging pharmaceutical markets. Ms. Duval earned her B.Sc. in natural sciences and M.Res. in molecular and cellular biology from the University of Birmingham, where she conducted research into the epigenetics of leukemia.

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