Questions Answered in This Report:

    • Which therapies capture the maximum patient share in different lines of therapies? 
    • Which therapies are used alone and which ones are used in combination? 
    • What percentage of newly diagnosed patients on key SLE  therapies add or switch to new agents as they move through lines of treatment? 
    • What are the persistency and compliance rates for key SLE  therapies? 


Systemic Lupus Erythematosus ( SLE ) is an area of high unmet need with few effective therapies. Furthermore, the many distinct manifestations of the disease mean that treatment is highly heterogeneous depending on the specific organ systems and severity of the disease. This has made clinical trial design as well as understanding of the potential market for therapies in SLE a unique challenge. The approval of Benlysta in 2011 marked the first new drug to be launched for SLE in over 50 years, and a number of treatments in development seek approval for this condition. Meanwhile, a number of drugs including Rituxan are prescribed off-label to treat the condition. 
The Treatment Algorithms: Claims Data Analysis report examines physicians’ actual prescribing behavior as they initiate therapy and move through second– and third-line choices. Our analysis is supported by a deep longitudinal patient-level claims dataset and provides a representative sample of treatment practice for Medicare supplemental and commercially insured patients.

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