The COPD treatment algorithm continues to evolve, with changing recommendations on the use of ICS s, LABA / ICS FDC s, and LABA / LAMA FDC s. This study reveals which therapies are prescribed first-line after diagnosis and how treatment evolves as patients move through additional lines of therapy. Both short-acting therapies and long-acting therapies are included, and many patients receive both rescue and maintenance therapies. Additionally, some patients receive a combination of a LAMA and a LABA / ICS FDC , and LABA / LAMA FDC s are beginning to gain traction in this.

Questions Answered in This Report:

    • How does current use of LABA / LAMA FDC s differ between patients with more or less severe disease, as categorized according to the GOLD guidelines? 
    • What closed and open combinations, including open triple combinations, are used most often, and how are these combinations sequenced within chronic treatment for COPD ? 
    • How long do patients typically receive their prescribed LAMA , LABA / ICS , or LABA / LAMA FDC , and for what reasons do they discontinue? 
    • Are patients more or less compliant with nebulized therapies versus those offered in handheld inhalers?  

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