Market Outlook:

Biomarker-driven prescribing is entrenched in indications such as non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC) and malignant melanoma and is playing an increasingly important role in indications such as ovarian cancer. Although biomarker-associated therapies offer the advantage of selecting the patients most likely to respond to the treatment, these therapies are premium-priced and thus subject to payer restrictions and cost-containment strategies in the EU5. As several such therapies move toward launch in the EU5, we discuss how reimbursement restrictions influence oncologists’ drug selection and prescribing practices in NSCLC, malignant melanoma, and ovarian cancer and how nonclinical factors can help determine the commercial success of these therapies.

Questions Answered:

  • What are the key driving forces and constraints that influence EU5 payers’ reimbursement decisions for biomarker-driven therapies for NSCLC, malignant melanoma, and ovarian cancer?
  • How do market access and reimbursement policies at the national, regional, and local level shape prescribing preferences for biomarker-driven therapies?
  • How do oncologists view select emerging biomarker-driven therapies, and do they expect to prescribe them? To what extent will EU5 payer policy likely impact uptake of these novel agents?
  • What factors influence reimbursement of and access to companion biomarker tests?

Product Description:

Access & Reimbursement reports provide in-depth insight regarding the impact of payer policies on physician prescribing behavior so that clients can build theirmarket access strategy and optimize their brand positioning.

Content Highlights:

Actionable recommendations to optimize market access, market access success and stumbles, market access roadblocks, reimbursement dynamics, the impact of pricing and reimbursement, policy, and coverage on prescribing.

Scope of Report:

  • Geography: France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom (i.e., EU5).
  • Primary research: Survey of 250 medical oncologists across the EU5 (50 per country) and interviews with 10 EU5 payers (2 per country).
  • Key drugs covered: Iressa, Alecensa, Tagrisso, Tarceva, Giotrif, Xalkori, Zykadia, Keytruda, Yervoy, Opdivo, Tafinlar, Mekinist, Zelboraf, Cotellic, Lynparza.

Table of contents

  • Biomarkers In Oncology - Access & Reimbursement - Detailed, Expanded Analysis (EU5)
    • EU5 Access & Reimbursement Biomarkers in Oncology

Author(s): Anna Reyes, MSc; Anamika Ghosh, Ph.D.

Anna Reyes is an analyst on the Global Market Access Insights team at Decision Resources Group, primarily focusing on European market access. She is responsible for monitoring, analyzing, and reporting on global market access through the production of DRG’s Global Market Access Solution (GMAS) and Access & Reimbursement products. Anna’s specific focus is on all aspects of market access in the EU5, as well as in select LatAm countries. Anna holds a bachelor’s degree from the University Rovira i Virgili and a master’s degree in bioengineering from IQS Barcelona.

Anamika Ghosh, Ph.D.,is a Senior Analyst for the oncology team at Decision Resources.

Prior to joining DRG, Anamika was a Research Lead with Evalueserve Pvt. Ltd., a business solutions provider to pharmaceutical companies. At Evalueserve, she worked on various strategic insights solutions for a variety of indications, including oncology, cardiovascular, ophthalmology etc. Anamika holds a PhD on host-pathogen interactions in the context of M. tuberculosis from the International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (ICGEB), New Delhi, India, where she also worked as a Research Associate working on Dengue viral infection.

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