Biomarker-targeted therapies are distinguished from other oncology drugs in that they are accompanied by a diagnostic test that can identify a specific patient type most likely to benefit from therapy. This form of personalized medicine is well entrenched in the treatment of non-small-cell lung cancer and malignant melanoma, and is playing an increasingly important role in the management of patients with BRCA-mutant ovarian cancer. While biomarker-targeted therapies offer the advantage of selecting the patients most likely to respond to treatment, these therapies are premium priced and are often subject to payer restrictions. DRG explores the drivers and barriers associated with use of these agents and reports on how reimbursement impacts drug selection and prescribing. We also evaluate surveyed physicians’ and surveyed payers’ perceptions of emerging biomarker-targeted-therapies.


  • What factors most greatly influence payers’ reimbursement decisions for biomarker-driven therapies in NSCLC, malignant melanoma, and ovarian cancer? What restrictions do they impose?
  • Do access and reimbursement challenges differ by indication and/or how well established the biomarker is in each indication?
  • What roles do reimbursement, cost, and clinical factors play in oncologists’ decisions to prescribe biomarker-driven therapies?
  • What are payer opinions of emerging agents, and how will oncologists’ prescribing patterns change with the launch of new therapies?
  • What factors influence reimbursement and access of companion biomarker tests?


Access & Reimbursement:

Provides in-depth insight regarding the impact of payer policy on physician prescribing behavior so you can build your market access strategy and optimize your brand positioning.

Table of contents

  • Biomarkers In Oncology - Access & Reimbursement - Detailed, Expanded Analysis (US)

Author(s): Niamh Buckley; Evrim Gurpinar

Niamh Buckley Ph.D. is a senior director in the oncology team at Decision Resources Group where she manages a team of analysts in producing syndicated and custom primary and secondary market research on a wide range of oncology indications. She also provides sales and client support for all oncology products.

Dr. Buckley has extensive experience in market access and forecasting across oncology and hematology-oncology drug markets She also has considerable experience in conducting primary research with physicians and payers throughout the major pharmaceutical markets. Prior to joining Decision Resources, Dr. Buckley worked as a postdoctoral scientist focusing on translational breast cancer research. She has a B.Sc. in biotechnology and obtained her Ph.D. in molecular oncology from Trinity College in Ireland.

Evrim Gurpinar, Ph.D., is a Business Insights Analyst in the oncology team at Decision Resources Group.

Prior to joining DRG, Evrim was a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Cancer Research UK Beatson Institute, where he studied the effects of p53 tumor suppressor mutations on cancer cell metabolism. He received his B.S. in Cell and Molecular Biology from Tulane University as a Fulbright Scholar and his Ph.D. from the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Medicine. His PhD work entailed a preclinical drug development project to identify novel drug candidates for non-small cell lung cancer.

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