This content examines the market access factors that influence the success or failure of therapies for renal anemia. It is based on primary research with U.S. nephrologists and MCO pharmacy and medical directors. We explore how payers and physicians interact and how reimbursement decisions affect the prescribing and uptake of specific therapies at the brand level.


  • How do payers reimburse specific therapies for the treatment of renal anemia, and what restrictions do they impose?
  • What factors most influence payers’ reimbursement decisions for specific renal anemia therapies?
  • What roles do reimbursement, restrictions, and patient costs play in physicians’ choice of therapy for this indication?
  • How do payers anticipate reimbursing emerging therapies at various prices?
  • What patient share can emerging therapies garner under various reimbursement scenarios?
  • How can pharmaceutical companies enable their products to thrive in this market access environment?

Table of contents

  • Renal Anemia - Access & Reimbursement - Detailed, Expanded Analysis (US) 2020
    • Access and Reimbursement Renal Anemia US September 2020

Author(s): Gideon Heap

Jihan Khan, Ph.D., is a director in the oncology team at DRG. Dr. Khan manages a team of analysts who conduct extensive primary and secondary market research on several oncology indications across the major pharmaceutical markets. She also provides sales and client support across DRG oncology products.


Previously, Dr. Khan was a principal analyst on the cardiometabolic team at DRG. Her specialties were the type 2 diabetes and renal disorders markets. Dr. Khan provided forecasts of these pharmaceutical markets by evaluating the agents in development and the changing clinical behaviors and conducting primary research with payers and physicians. Prior to joining DRG, she worked as a knowledge specialist in a company where she conducted in-depth research on products and processes for commercialization. She obtained her Ph.D. in organic chemistry from Brandeis University and was a postdoctoral fellow at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School.

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