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ChartTrends: Rheumatoid Arthritis (US) 2012

This report is an annual publication that provides comprehensive insight into the management of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) patients being treated with biologics based on actual patient level data. ChartTrends are syndicated reports designed to compare what physicians self-report about disease management to what actually occurs at the patient level. Through an in-depth review of specific patient charts, details such as product dosing and titration, switching, concomitant medications, and a host of laboratory and patient demographic variables help define patient types and identify therapy triggers.

Questions Answered in This Report:

  • Understand the demographics of RA patients * Underlying cause of RA, co-morbidities, common medications and time followed

  • Understand the standard of care for RA patients * Use and frequency of laboratory assessments; laboratory values and radio graphic data, if any

  • Understand the selection process for RA treatments and medications * What factors drive brand selection (i.e. co-morbidities, concomitant therapies, lab value ranges, disease awareness attitudes, etc.)

  • Understand rheumatologists’ attitude toward current RA medications * Identify issues that are impacting the way Rheumatologists manage RA patients * Identify characteristics that correlate with certain treatment approaches by comparing survey responses with actual treatment records


Sample Frame & Methodology:

- Over 200 rheumatologists will complete pa-tient audits for three to six of their RA pa-tients that are being treated with biologic agents depending on brand utilization

- Participants will complete the audits online

- 1,000 RA patients will be profiled in the com-prehensive audit

- Each respondent will be limited to one patient per brand

- The audit is HIPAA compliant

- In addition to completing the patient audit, each respondent will complete a profile survey regarding attitudes, perceptions and treatment practices


- Final report in Powerpoint format

- Complete set of frequency tables, summary statistics, and cross tabulations

- Patient database (in excel or SPSS format)

- Clients committing to the project prior to fielding will be invited to comment on the audit tool and may include up to three proprietary questions in the physician profile survey

Product Coverage:

- Approved: Cimzia, Enbrel, Humira, Rituxan, Orencia IV / SC, Remicade, Actemra, and Sim-poni

- In development: Tofacitinib, Tabalumab, Fosta-matinib, and Sarilumab

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