The COVID-19 Epidemiology Dashboard allows users to track the current pandemic using data from the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control and insights from DRG’s Epidemiology team.

The COVID-19 Epidemiology Dashboard is available as a downloadable MS Excel file, available from the Downloads panel at the top right corner of this page.


  • What are the total number of COVID-19 cases (confirmed and unconfirmed)?
  • What is the number of deaths from COVID-19?
  • How many people are there globally with chronic conditions that put them at high risk for COVID-19 complications?



Table of contents

  • Coronavirus COVID-19 Dashboard
    • Epidemiology Dashboard
    • Introduction
      • Overview

Author(s): Alexandre Vo Dupuy (PhamD, MSc)

Alexandre joined Decision Resources Group in 2017 as an Associate Epidemiologist. He holds a PharmD from Paris Descartes University as well as a Master in pharmacoepidemiology from the University of Bordeaux.   Prior to joining Decision Resources Group, he worked within the fields of Consulting and Real World Evidence ,   and as an intern within the Global Epidemiology department of   one of the top pharmaceutical company . As an associate epidemiologist, Alexandre works across multiple disease areas estimating and forecasting incidence and prevalence, with a focus on cancer epidemiology.