Oncology Clinical Trial Monitor is a continuously updated dashboard, highlighting the global immuno-oncology clinical development landscape and clinical outcomes for key standards of care. This dynamic, customizable tool provides you with the data and insight you need to make real-time actionable strategic decisions to capture commercial opportunity in this competitive, yet lucrative market segment. The outcomes module provides comprehensive data for current standards of care by line across key oncology indications. This data allows you to visualize, quantify, and benchmark current efficacy and safety achievements and reveals the threshold to surpass for an emerging therapy to be clinically successful.


  • VISUALIZE oncology clinical development
  • MONITOR clinical trial design and pipeline activity
  • UNDERSTAND how trial design is impacted by biomarker stratification
  • IDENTIFY appropriate biomarkers, combination strategies, and primary endpoints for your trial
  • EVALUATE the future competitive environment
  • DISCOVER new opportunities and untapped markets
  • PLAN & EXECUTE well-designed clinical strategies
  • BENCHMARK the clinical achievements of your asset against the outcomes of current standards of care, in an interactive outcomes visualization


  • At a glance page with full view of data, which provides interactive visualization for each data field.
  • Segment data and visualizations in multiple ways, including by indication, study drug, study drug class, combination strategy, primary endpoint, biomarker, line of therapy, phase of trial, start date, completion date, country, comparator arm drug class, and outcomes.
  • Customized interactive heatmaps of trial counts, clinical development over time, trials by sponsor and sponsor type, trial enrollment and duration, efficacy and safety outcomes, and disease outcome metrics.

Release date: Complete trial landscape updated on a weekly basis. Clinical outcomes data for standards of care will be updated as markets evolve and new standards of care become evident.

Geographies: Global

Scope Drugs: Every immune checkpoint inhibitor, CAR T-cell therapy and therapeutic vaccines (current and emerging therapies).

Indications: Every oncology indication evaluated for an immune checkpoint inhibitor, CAR T-cell therapy or therapeutic vaccine.

COMING SOON (by year-end 2019)

  • Full immuno-oncology landscape, which will include TLR agonists therapies, cytokines, NK cells and T cell receptors/modulators.


  • Clinical trial information sourced, curated, and expanded to 50+ data points per trial by oncology experts.
  • Data cut via multiple metrics for full trial granularity.
  • Clinical outcomes data for standards of care, across key oncology indications, collected as markets evolve

Table of contents

  • Oncology Clinical Trial Monitor
    • Dashboard Access
      • Methodology
      • Definitions

Author(s): DRG Oncology Experts

Oncology Clinical Trial Monitor was developed by DRG’s team of oncology specialists, industry experts and technical talent. Our world-renowned healthcare experts and thought leaders work together to deliver trusted insights and market perspectives that drive your complex clinical and commercial decisions in oncology.

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