ePharma Consumer 2019 | Multiple Sclerosis | With Comparison

Publish date: July 2019

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ePharma Consumer® US is a study and strategic advisory service focused on helping clients understand what role patients play in treatment decision making from prescribing to medication adherence, and how to best support them with their condition management.

The study was fielded among 4,570 online adults ages 18+ in the United States in Q2 2019. Data can be segmented by 50+ patient and caregiver categories, including diabetes, cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, ALS patients.

Topics covered in this report

  • DTC engagement: How receptive are consumers to prescription drug advertising? How effective are various DTC tactics?
  • The patient as Rx decision maker: What’s the patients’ role in treatment decision making? What proportion of patients are non-adherent? What tools are needed for adherence support? What are the drivers for treatment switching?
  • Alternative treatment options and condition management: What’s patients’ experience with using digital tools to help with condition management? What are patients’ perceptions about digital therapeutics? What’s their readiness for new therapies (e.g., smart pills, CBD oil, biosimilars)?
  • Brand experience: What are patient experiences and perceptions regarding pharma patient support services? How are they most likely to contact pharma companies? What drives positive experiences with pharma support resources?
  • Clinical trials: How to increase patient engagement with clinical trials?