The COPD market is continuing its gradual shift away from LABA/ICSFDCs toward LABA/LAMA FDCs, but current and emerging generics will have a significant impact on this trend. Some branded-generic and generic LABA/ICSFDCs have already launched in the United States and Europe, and more will reach the market in the United States in the near future; given that cost remains a significant driver, competition from these generics is expected to impact uptake of both LABA/LAMAs and emerging LABA/LAMA/ICSFDCs. Physicians are eager to have alternative treatments for this chronic disease as development of novel drug classes continues in COPD.


  • How will markets react to the launch of generic LABA/ICSFDCs and tiotropium? Will there be significant country-to-country differences in uptake of these generics?
  • Will LABA/LAMAFDCs continue to gain market share, or will generic therapies or branded LABA/LAMA/ICSFDCs threaten these agents?
  • What proportion of patients currently receive a combination of two or more therapies in separate inhalers? How many receive triple therapy, and will these patients be shifted to FDCs?
  • Which emerging therapies have the most potential for uptake? Will nebulized therapies be accepted?


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