In the past decade, the TNF-α inhibitors Humira (AbbVie) and Enbrel (Amgen) and the IL-12/23 inhibitor Stelara (Janssen) have been leading the U.S. psoriasis biologics market. However, the recent wave of U.S. approvals for novel psoriasis agents, including the IL-17 inhibitors—Novartis’s Cosentyx in 2015, Eli Lilly’s Taltz in 2016, and Bausch Health’s Siliq in 2017—and the IL-23 inhibitors—Janssen’s Tremfya in 2017 and Sun Pharma’s Ilumya in 2018—has altered the moderate to severe psoriasis market landscape. This series includes three waves that track the awareness, trial, and usage of the third-in-class IL-23 inhibitor Skyrizi following its launch in 2019 for the treatment of psoriasis. In addition, the series examines physician-anticipated trends in moderate to severe psoriasis treatment—in particular uptake of Skyrizi—and assesses AbbVie’s promotional efforts around the drug.


  • How quickly are U.S. dermatologists adopting Skyrizi, and what percentage of their psoriasis patients do they consider candidates for the drug?
  • When and for which patients are dermatologists prescribing Skyrizi, what are the reasons for prescribing, and how satisfied are they with the drug?
  • How do prescribers and nonprescribers of Skyrizi compare across key metrics?
  • What promotional messages and activities are AbbVie employing in support of the launch of Skyrizi?


United States


Survey of 75 U.S. dermatologists for each wave


Unaided and aided awareness of Skyrizi

Familiarity with and impressions of Skyrizi

Prescriber and nonprescriber profiles

Willingness to prescribe Skyrizi

Performance of Skyrizi on key attributes

Sales representative visit frequency, reach, and effectiveness

Benchmarking against previously launched psoriasis agents


Emerging Therapies captures U.S. physicians’ awareness, perceptions, and usage of the launched product at one, six, and twelve months postlaunch, as well as the current and future impact on competitor therapies and the overall market. Insight is also provided on promotional efforts, prescriber and nonprescriber profiles, benchmarking against other launched agents, along with statistical comparative analysis with prior waves so that marketers can track and optimize the effectiveness of their launch strategy or fine-tune their product positioning to counter its impact on their brand’s share.

Table of contents

  • Skyrizi Launch Tracking Wave 1 (US)
    • Psoriasis Emerging Therapies Skyrizi US Wave 1 (August 2019)

Author(s): Colleen E. Albacker, PhD

Colleen E. Albacker, is a director with the Immune and Inflammatory Disorders group at Decision Resources Group, where she comanages a team of analysts generating syndicated market research content. She has authored market research reports analyzing physician, payer, and market trends in respiratory indications, including asthma and COPD. Prior to joining Decision Resources Group, Dr. Albacker conducted her graduate research on chromatin-modifying factors in zebrafish cancer and hematopoietic development at Harvard Medical School and Boston Children’s Hospital. She also gained experience with market research through a fellowship with the Harvard Office of Technology Development. Dr. Albacker holds a in genetics from Harvard University and a in biology with honors from the Pennsylvania State University.

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