The migraine prophylaxis therapy market is poised for disruption following the launch of three anti-CGRP MAbs in the United States in 2018, with a fourth in 2020. Amgen/Novartis’s Aimovig (erenumab) was the first to launch, in May 2018, giving it a four-month head start over Teva’s Ajovy (fremanezumab) and Eli Lilly’s Emgality (galcanezumab). This U.S. launch-tracking series—DRG’s companion to our three-wave Aimovig series—will assess Ajovy and Emgality’s uptake and performance through the first year. We will also examine how Ajovy, Emgality, and Aimovig compare on various attributes and assess how physician adoption, opinion, and expectations shift as they gain more experience with each of these novel therapies.

Questions Answered

  • How quickly do U.S. neurologists adopt Ajovy and Emgality, and what percentage of their migraine patients do they consider candidates for each?
  • When and to which migraine patients are neurologists prescribing Ajovy and Emgality, what are the reasons for prescribing them, and how satisfied are they with Ajovy and Emgality, as well as Aimovig? Which anti-CGRP MAb performs the best on clinical and nonclinical attributes?
  • How do adopters and nonadopters of Ajovy and Emgality compare across key metrics? What attributes differentiate Ajovy and Emgality from each other and Aimovig in the minds of prescribers?
  • What promotional messages do neurologists recall in support of Ajovy’s and Emgality’s launch? What, if any, messages have been communicated by marketers to differentiate each drug from its competitors?

Product Description

Emerging Therapies captures U.S. physicians’ awareness, perceptions, and usage of the launched product at one, six, and twelve months postlaunch, as well as the current and future impact on competitor therapies and the overall market. Insight is also provided on promotional efforts, prescriber and nonprescriber profiles, benchmarking against other launched agents, along with statistical comparative analysis with prior waves so that marketers can track and optimize the effectiveness of their launch strategy or fine-tune their product positioning to counter its impact on their brand’s share.

Markets covered: United States.

Primary research: Survey of 75 U.S. neurologists for each wave.

Key metrics included:

  • Unaided and aided awareness of Ajovy and Emgality.
  • Familiarity with and impressions of Ajovy and Emgality.
  • Prescriber and nonprescriber profiles.
  • Willingness to prescribe Ajovy and Emgality.
  • Performance of Ajovy and Emgality on key attributes and in comparison to each other and Aimovig.
  • Sales representative visit frequency, reach, and effectiveness.
  • Benchmarking against Aimovig.

Table of contents

  • Ajovy and Emgality - Migraine (Wave 3) US
    • Migraine Emerging Therapies Ajovy and Emgality US Wave 3 (December 2019)

Author(s): Jonathan Searles

Jonathan ;Searles is a Senior Director in the CNS/Ophthalmology unit at DRG, overseeing the neurology research stream. Prior to joining DRG, ;Searles received a degree, summa cum laude, from Brandeis University; during this time, Mr. Searles conducted research projects at the Harvard University Peabody Museum and at Brandeis.

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