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Cancer and hospitalized medically ill patients are associated with increased risk of VTE and are at an elevated risk of recurrent thrombosis and bleeding complications. Primary prophylaxis of VTE in these populations revolves around the use of generic anticoagulants such as enoxaparin and warfarin but physicians indicate the need for efficacious drugs that are not associated with safety and tolerability issues. This report explores the current U.S. prescribing landscape for VTE primary prophylaxis, primarily focusing on cancer and medically ill patients. It provides a detailed analysis of and insights into practice patterns, physician attitudes and perceptions, and the current and projected use of various anticoagulant therapies used for VTE primary prophylaxis.


  • How is risk of VTE managed in the United States, and what differences in treatment exist among subpopulations and physician specialties?
  • Which drugs are most frequently prescribed for managing risk of VTE in cancer and medically ill patients?
  • Do physicians have a preference among newer anticoagulants for VTE primary prophylaxis? What are the major factors driving/constraining the use of the factor Xa inhibitors drug class?
  • What is influencing the prescribing of hematologists and internists for VTE primary prophylaxis in cancer and medically ill patients and how are these factors expected to change?

Geographies United States

Primary Research Survey of 50 U.S. hematologists and 50 internists

Key Drugs Covered Xarelto, Eliquis, Savaysa, Bevyxxa, Pradaxa, enoxaparin, warfarin, dalteparin

Key insights provided Factors influencing disease management and treatment decisions Drivers and constraints of treatment selection Physician-reported treatment practices and brand-level patient shares Rationale for changes in treatment approach Physician insight on persistency and compliance Physician-reported recent/anticipated changes in brand usage or treatment approach

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  • Detailed, Expanded Analysis (US)
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Author(s): Shreya Saxena, MBA

Shreya Saxena is a senior business insights analyst in the Cardiovascular, Metabolic and Renal disorders team at Decision Resources Group. She obtained an degree with specializations in Marketing and HR, and a Bachelor's degree in Pharmacy from the GGSIPU University, Delhi, India. Prior to joining DRG, she has worked as a Business Analyst at the research firm Evalueserve. Her role involved in-depth commercial, and scientific secondary research, and competitive intelligence across multiple indications (such as atrial fibrillation, ACS, VTE, heart failure and women’s health), including pipeline analysis, clinical trials assessment, disease landscaping, product and company profiling, and financial assessment and benchmarking.