Psoriasis | Current Treatment | Detailed, Expanded Analysis: Patient Profiler (US)

Publish date: July 2018

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Table of contents

  • Detailed, Expanded Analysis: Patient Profiler (US)
    • Patient Profiler - Psoriasis PPT [August 2018]

Author(s): Hailing Yang, PhD

Hailing Yang, is an analyst on the Immune and Inflammatory research team at Decision Resources Group, focusing primarily on psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. In this role, he conducts primary research via interviews/surveys with medical experts and write market analysis deliverables designed for key decision-makers within the biopharmaceutical industry. Prior to joining DRG, Dr. Yang worked at Selecta Biosciences and Bioss USA Antibodies as a consultant. He studied brain cancer and received a from Tufts University, where he held an executive role for Tufts New England Case Competition. Dr. Yang earned a from Wuhan University in China.