“Granix has been out for a couple of years; I’m familiar with its use.  I can never remember the name Zarxio (or pronounce/spell it).  I see no reason to use it.  I'm happy with Granix. I primarily use Neulasta and rarely use filgrastim/Granix.”

—US medical oncologist.

Table of contents

  • Oncology: Zarxio Launch Tracking (US) Wave 1
    • Key Findings
      • Who Is the Zarxio Patient?
      • Who Is the Zarxio Prescriber?
      • Trends & G-CSF Market
    • Formulary Analysis
      • Reimbursement of G-CSFs
      • Tier Placement of G-CSFs - Commercial
      • Tier Placement of G-CSFs - Medicare
      • Any Formulary Restrictions on G-CSFs
      • Prior Authorization for G-CSFs
      • Quantity Limits on G-CSFs
    • Zarxio Awareness and Perceptions
      • Unaided Awareness of Zarxio
        • Unaided Awareness of Biologics Approved for Chemotherapy-Induced Neutropenia
        • Order Biologics for Chemotherapy-Induced Neutropenia Are Recalled
      • Level of Familiarity with Biosimilars and Zarxio
      • Level of Familiarity with Biosimilars and Zarxio
      • Physician Perception of Indications in Which Zarxio Was Studied
      • Physician Perception of Zarxio's Approved Indications
      • Physician Perception of Indications in Which Zarxio Was Studied
      • Physician Perception of Indications Zarxio Should Be Approved to Treat
      • Physician Perception of Zarxio's Approved Indications
      • Information on Zarxio's Development
      • Physician Perception of Indications Zarxio Should Be Approved to Treat
    • Zarxio Trial and Use
      • Patients Prescribed Zarxio
        • Prescription of Zarxio: Patients Receiving Myelosuppressive Chemotherapy
        • Prescription of Zarxio: Other Hematology-Oncology Patients
        • Prescription of Zarxio: Any Indication
        • Healthcare Coverage of Zarxio-Treated Patients
        • Prevalence of Treatment Switching to Zarxio or Use of Zarxio in Treatment-Naïve Patients
        • Current and Future Patient Share of G-CSF Products
        • Patient Share Expectations Among Zarxio Prescribers and Nonprescribers
      • Prescribers' Experience of Zarxio
        • Reasons for Prescribing Zarxio
        • Perceived Similarity Between Zarxio and Neupogen
        • Satisfaction with Zarxio
        • Perceived Cost of Zarxio
        • Filgrastim Pricing and Medicare Part B Reimbursement
      • Reasons for Not Prescribing Zarxio
        • Reasons for Not Prescribing Zarxio
        • Reasons for Granix Preference
    • External Factors Affecting Zarxio Use
      • Factors That Could Increase Use of Zarxio
      • Sources of Pressure or Recommendations for Use of Zarxio
      • Predicted Uptake of Zarxio
      • Rate of Acceptance of Zarxio by Patients
      • Opinions on Nonproprietary Names for Biosimilars
    • G-CSF Promotional Activity
      • Most Recent Contact with Medical Representatives
      • Topics of Discussion with Medical Representatives
    • Future Use of Biosimilars
      • Zarxio's Influence on Willingness to Use Other Biosimilars
        • Likelihood of Prescribing Other Biosimilars: Medical Oncologists
        • Likelihood of Prescribing Other Biosimilars: Hematology-Oncologists
      • Likelihood of Prescribing Different Filgrastim Biosimilars
      • Future Patient Share With or Without Pegfilgrastim Biosimilars
    • Appendix
      • Background on the US G-CSF Market
        • US G-CSF Market Background
        • Short-acting G-CSFs
        • Long-Acting G-CSFs
        • G-CSF Market News
        • Zarxio's Route to the US Market
        • Zarxio's Future Competitive Landscape in the United States
      • Methodology and Objectives
        • Methodology
        • Objectives
        • Significance Testing in This Study
      • Respondent Demographics
        • Practice Location
        • Regional Location of Oncologists
        • Years in Clinical Practice and Practice Type
        • Patients Under Management: Medical Oncologists
        • Patients Under Management: Hematology-Oncologists
        • Drug Benefit Coverage for Neutropenia Patients
        • Drugs Prescribed by Medical Oncologists
        • Drugs Prescribed by Hematology-Oncologists

Author(s): Amy Duval, M Res

Amy Duval , is a director in the oncology and biosimilars team at Decision Resources Group. Ms. Duval manages a team of analysts responsible for market research across oncology indications, and also provides client support across Decision Resources Group oncology products. Previously, Ms. Duval was a principal analyst in the oncology group, where she developed in-depth expertise in breast and ovarian cancer. Ms. Duval has worked on multiple oncology indications, including malignant melanoma, renal cell carcinoma, and lung cancer, and has worked on topics in both the major and emerging pharmaceutical markets. Ms. Duval earned her in natural sciences and in molecular and cellular biology from the University of Birmingham, where she conducted research into the epigenetics of leukemia.

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