Biosimilars | Emerging Biosimilars | Oncology: Zarxio Launch Tracking (US) Wave 3 is the third and final installment in a series of syndicated reports designed to track physician perception and uptake of Sandoz’s Zarxio (filgrastim-sndz), a biosimilar of Amgen’s Neupogen and the first biosimilar to launch in the United States. Medical oncologists and hematology-oncologists in the United States were surveyed to assess their awareness and perception of Zarxio, uptake of the biosimilar over time, Zarxio's effect on other G-CSFs, and promotional activity related to Zarxio and its competitors. Formulary coverage and restrictions associated with Zarxio and other G-CSFs were also evaluated.

Table of contents

  • Oncology: Zarxio Launch Tracking (US) Wave 3
    • Key Findings
      • Zarxio Awareness and Promotional Activity for G-CSFs
      • Who Are Zarxio Prescribers and Nonprescribers?
      • Who Is the Zarxio Patient?
      • Trends in Zarxio Uptake
    • Benchmarking Zarxio Launch Success versus Other New Products
    • Formulary Analysis
      • Introduction
      • Formulary Coverage of G-CSFs
      • Zarxio Formulary Coverage Compared with Neupogen
      • Granix Formulary Coverage Compared with Neupogen
      • Changes in Formulary Status of G-CSFs
    • Zarxio Awareness and Perceptions
      • Unaided Awareness of Biologics for Treatment/Prevention of Chemotherapy-Induced Neutropenia
      • Level of Familiarity with Biosimilars and Zarxio
      • Physician Perception of Indications in Which Zarxio Was Studied
      • Physician Perception of Zarxio's Approved Indications
      • Physician Perception of Indications Zarxio Should Be Approved to Treat
    • Zarxio Trial and Use
      • Patients Prescribed Zarxio
        • Prescription of Zarxio by Indication
        • Healthcare Coverage of Zarxio-Treated Patients
        • Prevalence of Treatment Switching to Zarxio or Use of Zarxio in Treatment-Naive Patients
        • Current Patient Share of G-CSFs
        • Current Patient Share of G-CSFs Among Zarxio Prescribers and Nonprescribers
      • Prescribers' Experience of Zarxio
        • Prescription of Zarxio: Any Indication
        • Reasons for Prescribing Zarxio
        • Perceived Similarity Between Zarxio and Neupogen
        • Satisfaction with Zarxio
        • Perceived Cost of Zarxio
        • Filgrastim Pricing and Medicare Part B Reimbursement
      • Reasons for Not Prescribing Zarxio
    • External Factors Affecting Use
      • Factors That Could Increase Use of Zarxio
      • Sources of Pressure or Recommendations to Use Zarxio
      • Predicted Uptake of Zarxio by Healthcare Coverage
      • Rate of Acceptance of Zarxio by Patients
      • Opinions on Nonproprietary Names for Biosimilars
    • Promotional Activity
      • Most Recent Contact with Sales Representatives
      • Topics of Discussion with Medical Representatives
    • Future Use of Biosimilars
      • Zarxio's Influence on Willingness to Use Other Biosimilars
        • Likelihood of Prescribing Other Biosimilars
      • Likelihood of Prescribing Different Filgrastim Biosimilars
      • Future Patient Share Expectations for G-CSFs
        • Future Patient Share of G-CSFs: Pegfilgrastim Biosimilars Unavailable
        • Future Patient Share of G-CSFs: Pegfilgrastim Biosimilars Available
        • Future Patient Share of G-CSFs Among Zarxio Prescribers and Nonprescribers
        • Future Patient Share of G-CSF Biosimilars Among Zarxio Prescribers and Nonprescribers
    • Appendix
      • Background on the U.S. G-CSF Market
        • Overview
        • Short-Acting G-CSFs
        • Long-Acting G-CSFs
        • G-CSF Market News
        • U.S. Launch Date Estimates for Future G-CSF Biosimilars
        • Information on Zarxio's Development
      • Methodology and Objectives
        • Objectives
        • Methodology
      • Respondent Demographics
        • Practice Location of Oncologists
        • Regional Location of Oncologists
        • Years in Clinical Practice and Practice Type
        • Patients Under Management: Medical Oncologists
        • Patients Under Management: Hematology-Oncologists
        • Prescribed Drugs

Author(s): Marta Delgado, PhD

Marta Delgado, is a Business Insight Analyst in the Biosimilars Research team, responsible for the analysis of the biosimilars market across four main therapeutic areas – oncology, endocrinology, immunology and nephrology. Marta holds a in Molecular Neuroscience from University College of London (UCL) and a in Biomedicine from University Pompeu Fabra (UPF), Barcelona. Prior to joining the Biosimilars Research team, Marta worked as a Research Analyst at SKIM, specialising in advanced quantitative studies assessing the potential market opportunities to support life sciences companies in their business decision making.

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